I made this for supper last night and the house smelled so good while it was roasting. I really like fennel when it’s been roasted – the anise flavour mellows.  Honestly, I love anything that’s been roasted…it’s so darn good. This recipe has fennel, potatoes, carrots and onions. The pork is slathered in Dijon, thyme leaves, garlic and salt & pepper then popped into the oven with the veggies.

This recipe can be found here from the Barefoot Contessa Parties cookbook.

Delicious and super easy – the hard part is waiting for it to cook and waiting for the meat to rest. Torture! :)


I don’t usually do this but this is such a great initiative that my nieces and their schoolmates at Cedarcrest School in Montreal, QC would truly benefit from, so I’m putting it out there. Here are some details:

The Majesta “Trees of Knowledge” Competition is made up of three elements. First it is looking for Canadian Schools (from Canadian Primary Schools to Canadian High Schools) to submit an application for a chance to win a $20,000* Outdoor Classroom.

The goal of the Competition is to generate inspiring, creative ideas where students can learn “outside the traditional classroom”.  

Plus Canadians can show support for a Finalist by placing a vote once a day during the Voting Period for one of the ten (10) Finalists in the Majesta “Tree of Knowledge Competition.

In addition if you are of the age of majority in your province or territory of residence, you could play the Tree-Twist – Majesta “Trees of Knowledge”  game and be entered for a chance to win $10,000 CDN from Majesta in the “Trees of Knowledge” Competition.

This is what Cedarcrest would build if they win – I love it – look at those tree stump seats! And there’s even a vegetable patch!

Cedarcrest Outdoor Classroom

Their proposal is:

Cedarcrest’s outdoor classroom proposal includes an area of planted trees to be used as a space for quiet reading and reflection. There is also a section where students can dig, plant and explore a variety of plants and flowers.

Cedarcrest has also included a space with a large reading chair, chalk board, and log benches in which teachers can complete classes and lessons outdoors or engage their students in storytelling.

Fun Facts:

  • Cedarcrest switched from an English core program to a French Immersion program in 2010 and has had a steady increase in enrollment ever since.
  • Students and teachers participated in an anti-bullying campaign whereby the students made videos promoting fair play and proper treatment of others, as well as having former NHL hockey player Chris Nilan come and speak to the students of his life experience and discourage bullying actions.
  • Students and home and school association brought the students close to nature by planting a tulip garden last spring to beautify our grounds.

Vote for Cedarcrest to win an outdoor classroom and earn a chance to win $10,000 for yourself: http://www.majestatreesofknowledge.ca/  You can enter daily!

To place a vote in the Competition, individuals must: (a) be a legal resident of Canada; (b) be located in Canada at the time of entry; (c) be six (6) years of age or older at the time of voting; and (d) have used only one (1) valid email address to participate in the Competition.

Help us win this for the kids! :)

Baked goods for breakfast are OK, right, because they have eggs in them? :)

This recipe is from the Barefoot Contessa “Foolproof” cookbook and can be found here.


Easy Provençal Lamb

I made this for dinner – it being close to Easter and all. :)

It turned out quite good, the veggies were very flavourful and the honey added a caramelization to both the lamb and the veggies. Tasty!



I almost didn’t get an AFTER shot since we had already started digging in! Forgive the messy plate. :)


The recipe is from the Barefoot Contessa “How Easy is That” cookbook and can be found here.

Bon appetit peeps!

Today, I redeemed 50,000 points for $100 off my purchases. It was a great day!

  • Value of products: $153.53
  • Paid out of pocket: $24.75
  • Savings of:  84% of $128.78

I picked up some Knorr Sidekicks which were on sale for $0.99 each (it’s what I like to eat when Chris is away). I also stocked up on some staples that I needed but always like to get free like shampoo, hair color and concealer. I also picked up a few Easter items, you know, while I was there. Ok, Ok, the chocolate bunnies called out to me…I’m weak that way. :)

Very satisfying shopping day!

I love Shoppers Drug Mart.


Thursday morning, I drove to the train station as usual. I parked the car and made my way to the train platform. It was like any other morning: The sun had come up a little while ago and it was promising to be a warm day, one of the first warm days of spring. I was surrounded by fellow commuters, similarly dressed in suits and other office attire, huddling on the platform, waiting for the train.

Then, something unusual happened.

The door that separated the platform from the stairwell leading to the underground tunnel opened and out came a group of teenagers. They stood in a group on the platform and were talking excitedly amongst each other. Loudly. The boys were dressed in ill-fitting suits; the girls in blouses and skirts. You could tell that all of them felt awkward in their clothes but were excited to be going somewhere that required them to dress up like grown ups but with no grown ups in sight.

Everyone else on the platform were sneaking glances in their direction. Their usually peaceful morning was being disrupted! Initially, I found myself doing the same thing – what is usually a quiet, polite silence on the train platform was being disturbed by a flock of young people who clearly lacked any consideration for their fellow travelers. Then I stopped and thought – When did THAT happen?? I remember being one of those teens, without a care in the world, living in the moment, not noticing how loud we were being. And I wondered…at what point does one change from being young and carefree to being prickly and so easily bothered? I’m not quite sure.

As I continued to listen to the excited voices, I smiled to myself.


I made this today and we had some for dessert after lunch with coffee. Delicious. The whole house smelled like apples and cinnamon while it was baking. :)

The Barefoot Contessa recipe is here.



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