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We’re three months into the year (already!) and it’s time to check where things are at with my resolutions for the year. My original list (albeit short) is below:

  • Make an effort to connect regularly with family and friends. Whether that’s through letters, phone calls, emails/messages, anything. This is going very well – I’ve been participating the “52 weeks of mail” project and I’ve sent at least one item per week this year. I’ve sent letters, gifts, flowers and notes to friends and family.
  • Be more active (this doesn’t mean I’m starting a huge fitness regime that I’ll never stick to – I simply want to be more active in my every day life, which will, in turn, contribute positively to my overall health). Well, I could be doing more with this one. I can’t blame the winter weather since we hardly had any snow this year. must do better on this one…
  • Have more meatless / lean meat meals. We’ve all but eliminated red meat from our diet and eat mainly fish and chicken when we do have meat at all. I’d like to push this even further. This has been going super well. We typically have 2-3 suppers with meat per week (salmon or chicken). I have a chicken and cheese quesadilla for lunch at work most days of the week. We eat chick peas, various pastas, veggies, rice. Whole wheat grains. Breakfast is whole wheat toast, yogurt and fruit. I splurge once in a while (chocolate, ice cream, etc.) but all in all, we’re eating healthy.
  • Follow through with outstanding house maintenance items (upgrade windows, electrical inspection, etc.) and get at least two done in 2012. Now that spring is here, time to get going on this. 🙂

In terms of the forecast for any Life List items on the horizon, there are several:

  • Cruise to Alaska (booked for May 2012) where we’ll get to travel to the Yukon and BC, increase my cruise count to 7 out of a goal of 10, increase the number of cruise lines we’ve sailed with to 3 out of a goal of 4.
  • Cruise to Caribbean (booked for October 2012) where I’ll get to try snuba, stay in a suite (woohoo), increase my cruise count to 8 out of 10.
  • We’re planning on booking a hot air balloon ride once it gets warmer.
  • I’ve completed 5 out of 10 random acts of kindness so far. I have another lined up (donate used clothing) – I just have to get organized and make it happen.
  • I made my own bread. DONE
  • I’ll make sure to walk through a hedge maze this summer and possibly visit a batting cage as well.
  • I’ve made 4 colouring books (for my nieces and nephew). DONE
  • Participate in the walk to end breast cancer (September) – I’m still planning on doing this.
  • Make a homemade beauty product, try eyebrow waxing and wear fake eyelashes (not all at the same time) – still planning on doing these this year.
  • Read 30 books this year – I’m at 11 already and on track.
  • See 50 movies this year – I’m at 21 so far – on track.

So far so good!

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Still going strong.

I’ve replied to a letter from my mom (which was sent as a response to my letter :)).

I’ll be sending a reply to my sister Julie as well as shipping an Easter surprise to my nieces.

It’s been fun receiving replies to some of my letters too. 🙂

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Well, we’re in week 10 and I’ve sent 11 items to date (one week I actually sent 2 things)! So I’m doing well and still on track. 🙂 I’m tracking my progress and future mail plans in a trusty Excel spreadsheet with birthdays, holidays and other important events written in throughout the entire year.

My last deliveries have been:

A letter to my mom of the “5 things my mother taught me” – it was hard to stop at 5!!!

Flowers to a girlfriend who was nearing the end of a very very busy period at work – wanted to send a pick-me-up. 🙂

I already have my next package wrapped up and ready to go – it’s actually a bit of a joke. Sue — incoming!!

It’s still feeling great to write things out, knowing it’ll brighten the recipient’s day just a little bit.


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I’m happy to report that I’m still on track for this project. My latest mailings have included a return Valentine to my two nieces and a letter to my brother Mark (mailed today).

I’m still feeling great about making an effort to stay in touch with family and friends and the joy that I’ve been able to create for my recipients has been awesome. 🙂

Going strong.

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It’s the end of January and I’m in week 4 of the 52 weeks of mail project. Last week I mailed 2 more personalized colouring books to my niece and nephew. This week I mailed a letter to a friend letting her know how much I appreciated her friendship.

Life is too short not to say the things that are on your mind.


In the coming weeks, I have some mailings related to Valentine’s, and more letters to write!!

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Here’s the latest news on the 52 Weeks of Mail project:

  • I sent my very first letter to a very good friend. Her reaction was so positive, she blogged about it! Read all about it here. 🙂 (Psst: You are awesome and you know who you are!)
  • I sent my nieces each a personalized colouring book – they should arrive tomorrow – looking forward to hearing about their reactions.
  • I received a handwritten letter and cute pic from an old friend today – thanks Danielle! I loved receiving a handwritten letter!
  • I’ll be sending 2 more personalized colouring books to my other niece and nephew for delivery next week.

I’m totally loving this project and have to pace myself to one item per week or else I’d be writing to everyone, all the time!

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I made my nieces each a colouring book today. I was originally thinking about drawing my own pictures but that didn’t turn out very well. hehehe So, I decided to search the internet for images that I know they’re into right now. I remember being a kid with a store-bought colouring book and liking only one-third of the images in the book. My nieces like ballerinas, princesses, fairies, mermaids, sea creatures, horses – the usual for girls age 4 and 5. So, I gathered tons of images in those categories and put them all together in a personalized colouring book, then tied them with curly ribbons 🙂  A whole colouring book of things they’re loving right now! What’s not to like??

I’ll be mailing them to my nieces next week as part of the 52 Weeks of Mail project. 🙂

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