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As many of you know, this year I was participating in the WordPress blogging challenge Postaday2011 which was to post at least once a day.

Although some days I didn’t post anything, I usually made up for it with several posts on subsequent days. Here’s the tally as of December 28th (including this post):

January 2011 32
February 2011 36
March 2011 35
April 2011 31
May 2011 28
June 2011 31
July 2011 27
August 2011 37
September 2011 21
October 2011 22
November 2011 19
December 2011 37

Not bad at all! And yes, I’m going to make sure I hit 365 posts by the end of the year, just for the principle. 🙂

Some other fun facts are:

# of followers:  198 (including WordPress, email and Facebook followers) (wow – Thanks everyone!!!)

Total all-time views to date: 83,594

Average views per day: 177 (lowest avg/day January 59, highest avg/day November 388)

Day with highest # of views: November 27, 2011 with 688 views.

Most visited post: Owls. Weird ass birds. (I suspect it must be people searching for owl photos on Google images).

Second most visited: Home page

My Christmas-related posts are quite popular too.




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It’s nearing the end of the year and it’s time to recap all the life list items I managed to accomplish in 2011. The list I had planned at the end of last year is actually quite different from what I actually did manage to complete; some were nice surprises too. Here goes:

Life List Items completed in 2001:

In terms of new adventures in exploring Toronto and the vicinity, there were a few of note:

It was a pretty great year!

There are some items that I had planned that I wasn’t able to complete (gasp!):

  • Read 30 books in one year. I’m currently at 26 so it’s not likely that I’ll make it for 2011, but will try again in 2012. Granted, most of the books I did read were fairly voluminous ones. On a related note, I’m loving my Kindle. Yes, I’ll admit it. It’s so light, takes up less space in my purse… I bring my Kindle when I commute to work but still have my paper books on my bedside table. Baby steps people, baby steps…
  • Learn to juggle. I watched a video on juggling on YouTube. I tried for about 30 minutes since I had some time. I thought I would be able to learn it quickly and easily. Not so. Maybe it was because of my chosen juggling materials – the only round things I had close by were scented balls in my potpourri bowl in the den. Epic Fail. I’ll try again though. Just in case my career in IT falls through and I need to join the circus. Just sayin’ – it’s good to have options.
  • Visit Napa/Sonoma: We had planned to go here this year but caught the cruise bug so changed our plans. 🙂 So sue me.
  • Learn the thriller dance: I actually started this and had about half of it down, but I just got pulled away to other things and never finished it. It’s still there but right now, it’s not holding my interest.

Keep an eye out for the list I plan to tackle in 2012! Assuming there won’t be any cataclysmic earthly events and the end of the world really does occur as predicted (again this year).

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Remember this post about the LCBO (the Liquor Control Board of Ontario) hosting a contest for bloggers who love Ontario wine? Well, yours truly won an honourable mention which consists of a $200 gift basket – and it arrived yesterday! I had it shipped to the office to avoid missing the delivery if they passed by the house and no one was there. It was a voluminous gift basket filled with fabulous loot, perfect to enjoy with a bottle of wine. I had to take it apart and bring pieces home separately. 🙂

The base of the gift basket was the bowl, which was seated on a serving tray (still at the office). It came filled with 2 tea towels, a package of cocktail napkins, a really nice glass wine bottle topper, a small olivewood cheese board, a white serving dish for antipasto/spreads, 4 plastic wine glasses (also still at the office), and the following goodies: lemon & fennel olives, mushroom with artichokes antipasto, current in the rye crackers and procini mushroom & white truffle oil bread dipper.


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Remember this post about the LCBO (the Liquor control Board of Ontario) hosting a contest for bloggers who love Ontario wine? Well, yours truly won an honourable mention which consists of a $200 gift basket!

I’m stoked! 🙂

Thanks everyone who voted for me!

I’ll post a pic of my prize when I receive it – stay tuned!

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Lo and behold – the LCBO is holding a contest. About Ontario wine. And wine tasting. And blogs. Really, it was like they were speaking to ME!!

The challenge reads:

Share Your Ontario VQA Wine Country Experiences

Discover a special local VQA vineyard recently?

Partake in a unique tasting event?

Enjoy a particularly memorable meal featuring Ontario VQA wine?

Yes, yes, YES!!!

So I entered 2 of my most recent Ontario wine-related blog entries. And of course, I must beg kindly ask you all, dear readers, to please vote for both of my entries. 🙂  You can do so by clicking on each of the links below, scrolling down to the bottom and clicking on the red VOTE button!

I think you can only vote once, so probably best to all vote for the one entry:   🙂


The 5 blog postings with the most votes advance to the judging round. For those interested in learning more about the challenge, all the details are available here: http://www.lcbogolocal.com/blog-challenge

The available prizes are:

Cool Gear Package

  • Canon T3i DSLR Camera with 2 lenses
    (18–55mm & 55–250mm) & Accessory Pack
  • BlackBerry 16GB PlayBook with Wi-Fi
  • Wireless MiFi
  • Camera Backpack
  • Approx. retail value $2,500 CDN

Niagara Wine Country Getaway

  • 2 Night accommodation for two at the Niagara Fallsview Hilton
  • 2 Tickets to the Icewine Gala, January 13th, 2012
  • 2 Discovery Passes for Icewine Festival Winery Visits, January 2012
  • Approx. retail value $700 CDN

Prince Edward County
Wine Country Getaway

  • 2 night accommodation for two at Huff Estates Winery with breakfast
  • 3-course Dinner for two at a local restaurant
  • Lunch and VIP Tasting for two at The Grange of Prince Edward Vineyards and Estate Winery
  • VIP Winery Tasting for 2 at Rosehall Run Winery
  • Approx. retail value $500 CDN

Ten Honorable Mention Gift Baskets will also be awarded (approx. retail value $200 CDN each).

Thanks muchly!!

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This is from the post a day challenge:


Topic #227:

Hemingway once wrote a super short story: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

What story can you write in six words?


I had seen a similar one before:

For sale: golf clubs, slightly bent.  🙂  Funny visual

Will think about this and come back to post. Feel free to leave your stories in the comments.

EDIT: Ok, I have some:

Tornado approaching. Open field, windy, scared.

Adventure begins: Map, dart, car, cooler!

Noise? Darkness. Footsteps. Oh my god.

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