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The term “epic” has been used for years by those in the gaming world. At least in the sense I refer to in this post. It was used to describe something absolutely above and beyond imagination, like epic battles, epic weapons or gear… If it was epic, it was (GASP) PHENOMENAL (GASP). You get the picture.

But lately we’ve seen it crop up in everyday conversations – everywhere. We’re hearing it being used by celebrities, we hear it in advertising, even the muggles are using it. “Epic” is being used to describe shoes, food, movies, songs, hairdo’s, everything trivial under the sun. Things that were never described as “epic” before because if something is truly epic, it’s above and beyond a mere shoe or a song.

“Epic” is no longer exclusive and has become mainstream. And as soon as that happened, it stopped being cool.

It’s weird to hear something being called “epic” by people who have no idea how or where the term has been used to date…  And it’s said with glee and a “How cool am I” attitude. Like toddlers using big words they don’t understand, “epic” is being casually tossed around by those who aren’t equipped to handle its meaning or grasp its proper usage. So what we hear is “Check out my epic phone dude” and “Our date was epic”. Sigh.

As such, “epic” can no longer be used by the exclusive group from whence it came.

We need a new word.

But please – this time, don’t tell the muggles.

Interesting info found at Urban Dictionary: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=epic

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I’m on a mission.

I’m refusing to wear socks until it gets cold enough for my toes to freeze and fall off. Ok maybe not fall off, but get seriously cold. Yesterday was chilly but it was still in double digits (in Canada, Celsius). Today it got up to 20 degrees again so it was fine.

I once read somewhere…when asked what they would do differently if they could talk to their younger self, the woman said “Start wearing sandals earlier in the spring and wear them later in the fall.” So, I’m taking her advice. 🙂

Summer is already so short. Living in a cold-weather climate where sweaters are the norm for almost 6 months of the year, I figured I could extend my sockless state for a couple of weeks longer than usual.

So, I’m boycotting socks until there’s frost on the ground. I am willing to wear closed-toe shoes, without socks, on chilly days.

Who’s with me?


Just me?



*not my footprints

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I’ve mentioned the heat in an earlier post. It’s been called a few choice names thus far and several hashtags have been suggested: Hotpocalypse, Thermageddon, OvenTO, SwelterTO, heatwaveTO…

Looking at the long-term forecast… Things will cool down a little bit but the humidity will keep things nice and tropical-rain-foresty (i.e. like the gates of hell have opened over Toronto) for at least another week. And all of those “isolated showers” you see in these charts – ya, they never happen. We had a sad drizzle one morning last week (it didn’t even warrant an umbrella). No big storm, no rain to cut the humidity. Unless it did rain but it was so damn hot it evaporated by the time it hits the ground. Could happen.

In CelsiusIn Farenheit

Using wicked witch of the west voice in Oz: I’m WILTING!!!

Must stay inside.

Or I may die.

No, not really.

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Hopefully the driver has good eyesight. 🙂

For some reason, ths sign reminds me of Wile E. Coyote and his antics… 😀

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Here I thought my husband Chris invented this word during our drive from Toronto to Montreal for Easter weekend.

Not so.

The word exists on the Urban Dictionary site.  My husband’s frustration was aimed at fellow drivers being idiotic and engaging in general douchebaggery, causing us delays and annoyance.

Here’s a recap of the official definitions:


The act of behaving like a douchebag.

The greatest word of all time, simple yet pleasing in its onomatopoeic beauty. For one to commit douchebaggery, he/she is not limited to but may include some or perhaps all of the following behaviors:- the wearing of flat-billed baseball caps backwards
– using an enormous amount of gel to spike the hair porcupine style
– wearing polo shirts or any other type of shirt with the collar popped, a disgusting gesture that should’ve died in the 1980s with parachute pants
– the sideways peace sign gesture
– overdone pursing of the lips
– too many visits to the tanning salon
– pointing at oneself, holding up beer cans, or making other obscenely immature gestures in solo or group photos
– following trends for the sake of fitting in (see “goatee“)
– adding “The” or the suffix “-ster” to one’s name, as in “The Rickster”See Guido or perhaps frat boy for more. Essentially, “douchebaggery” is one of those things as easily understood by definition as it is by one’s demonstrations of it.

Don’t be a douche.

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My Cat is a Ninja

This is not my cat.

It is my husband’s cat.

Chris got this cat one year before we met so he was a package deal.

Love him, love his cat.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I like animals.

But some days, I think the cat has it in for me.

Oh he looks innocent enough and I’d never be able to prove it.

But this cat runs our house.

He steals my seat when I get up to get a drink.

He takes my spot in bed when I get up in the morning.

He steals my food when I’m not looking for 2 seconds.

He’s a ninja. I know it.

And he knows I know it.

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Funny Notes

Some people have a lot of pent up hostility in this world…


Hey everybody else: Elaine's pissed.

When all else fails, you can always rely on the fear of God.

Passive aggressive anyone?

Just what HR has been waiting for. An egg scandal.

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