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I love the Olympics…and Great Britain did a great job hosting the games. Below are a few of my favourite moments from the 2012 London games:

Rosie winning the gold in trampoline


Brent Hayden’s win


Canadian soccer win

Pastorius (aka Blade Runner)


And we can’t forget the Jamaican phenom, Usain Bolt!

Jamaica sweeps the podium


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It’s that time of year again! My January 1st to January 3rd diet is about to begin – so exciting. 🙂 Ahem…

But seriously, it’s a new year, time to think about what I’d like to change, what worked, what didn’t, what would bring more happiness and health to my life.

These are my resolutions for 2012:

  • Make an effort to connect regularly with family and friends. Whether that’s through letters, phone calls, emails/messages, anything.
  • Be more active (this doesn’t mean I’m starting a huge fitness regime that I’ll never stick to – I simply want to be more active in my every day life, which will, in turn, contribute positively to my overall health).
  • Have more meatless / lean meat meals. We’ve all but eliminated red meat from our diet and eat mainly fish and chicken when we do have meat at all. I’d like to push this even further.
  • Follow through with outstanding house maintenance items (upgrade windows, electrical inspection, etc.) and get at least two done in 2012.

That’s it. Short, sweet, reasonable and achievable.

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Ok. So everyone’s probably seen the leaked pics from the Details magazine cover and photo shoot that got quickly yanked from various web sites. Now, Adam’s made it very clear that he plays for the other team. So, what could this photo shoot possibly be about?

For women: Is it to make women think he possibly plays for both teams? Which would make him more attractive in that “pick me pick me” kind of way? Or that if the Right Woman came around, he could be persuaded to switch? Girls, you know who you are and you know you have this in the backs of your minds. So clichĂ©. But from what I’ve seen posted on the web in response to those pics, the clichĂ© apparently still works. So predictable ladies… 🙂

For straight men: Is it to make guys relate to Adam? If he’s cool, you can be cool too? If you had awesome hair, painted your nails and could sing better than Steven Tyler, this coud be you! Or are they just looking at the naked woman in the pic and not Adam?

For gay men: Is that photo shoot a copout? Is it lying? Is it giving in to The Business? I’m not a gay man so have no idea how it’ll be viewed.

For me (straight woman): He’s a good looking guy and has that steamy, sultry thing going on. I love his voice – there is no question that this guy can sing. I’m really looking forward to his album and want him to succeed. It would be cool if a world-class star would come out of our generation. There was Elvis, Michael Jackson, Madonna… I actually think Adam Lambert may be the next big star. And that’s exciting because we’ll be here to watch it all!

Either way, he’s doing all the right things. His first album is not even out yet and everyone is talking about him. I also think that the leaked pics were a publicity stunt for the new movie 2012 and his new single. But you know what – I couldn’t care less. That’s what is supposed to happen. More Adam please.

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