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Well, since I halved the recipe, it was more like 20 cloves but it was awesome. You would think that much garlic would make it way too pungent but after it cooks for so long, the garlic cloves become soft and surprisingly sweet! Yummm! And the sauce was fantastic. This recipe is from the Barefoot in Paris cookbook and can be found here.

Also, I bought a whole chicken which I successfully cut up into parts all by myself for the first time – woohoo!  Thanks Professor YouTube! 😀

The peeled garlic just added to the pot. They were browned for 5-10 minutes.


Added the chicken to the pot that had the garlic, cognac and white wine simmering...


We each had a leg and a wing with salad (with a simple vinaigrette of olive oil, white wine vinegar, dijon, salt and pepper), saving the chicken breats for tomorrow's lunch.

The sauce was amazing. Can’t wait to eat the leftovers tomorrow!

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