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So this week on Idol, Adam Lambert was the mentor. It was Elvis week. On Tuesday, each contestant got one-on-one time with Adam and he actually had some good advice to give the idols. Some performances were really good.

Like Crystal:

She’s been the most consistent throughout the competition so far.

Most others were mediocre. I gotta say, I haven’t been very impressed with anyone else. I like Michael but he has consistency issues. I think they’re both great singers and would like to see them in the finals. They could sing “I got you babe”. Crystal could bring her carpet… It’ll be magical. For true.

Wednesday was the boot-out show and since the judges used the save last week (on Michael), two idols were leaving tonight.

Then Adam performed and he did awesome. The lights, the effects, the song, the performance.

So it’s official.

I declare Adam Lambert the winner of Season 9.

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Enjoy – I really like this song.

EDIT – darn, it’s already been pulled.

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Teaser clips for his new video for Whataya Want From Me have been posted:

He’s rockin’ that hurt and tortured look. You go baby.

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Here’s a link to Adam’s For Your Entertainment video. Nice, very nice.


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That sums it up in a nutshell. For those who witnessed his performance at the AMA’s on Sunday night, you know what I’m talking about. Some say he was lewd, some say he was fantastic. Lots of opinions on both sides of the fence.


Me? I think the singing was classic Adam. I think the performance will definitely get him press, which is probably a plus. I was a little shocked, I’ll admit. Sometimes a LOT shocked (insert faux oral-sex reference here). But if that’s the persona he wants to portray, well, who are we to stop him? He has the pipes to carry him through all kinds of shock-and-awe theatrics. He can pretty much do whatever he wants on stage and his fans will love him regardless (or in spite of) his sexy antics. The boy can sing. Do I care if he was a little over the top at the AMA’s? Well, I don’t blame him. Did I enjoy the shocking bits? Not really.  Will it make me stop being a fan? Nope. Do I think less of him now? I think I’m conflicted on this one. I mean, I knew he was glam, knew he was rockstar material, knew he was a bit of a rebel, knew he was gay, knew he was very sexual, knew he liked to live outside the box. Did I think he was THAT much of button-pusher? No sirree bob!! So I guess I feel like I’ve been fooled. Like a dad that suddenly finds out his daughter’s boyfriend is really the school bad-ass and everyone knew it but him.

Yes, I was shocked. Will I continue to be a fan? Sure. I guess I’m wondering how much worse can he get? What will he do next? I feel like we skipped the foreplay and went straight to the in-your-face, force-to-be-reckoned-with, Lambert-and-his-manhood, Adamgasm Glamapalooza. Then again, maybe Idol was foreplay (Woohoo Seacrest). And if this is just the beginning of Adam’s career and highly-sexed repertoire, well, so be it. I’m game.

I think the world needed a wake up call. And boy, did they get it last night. I think we all needed a cigarette after that one…

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Listen to Adam Lambert’s album on MySpace here.

His album is coming out Nov. 23rd.

He’s scheduled to perform at the AMAs on Sunday Nov. 22nd as well.


Smokin hot. Tssssss.

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Here’s my latest list of stuff that is just plain Awesome and might be perfect Christmas gifts for those on your list:

Adam Lambert’s single For Your Entertainment – you can listen to it here. This is the single cover:


Adam Lambert’s new album, due out November 23rd:


There’s a great Special Collector’s Edition of People Magazine that’s available now, and it’s all about New Moon. Awesome pics and interviews.


Ree Drummond’s new cookbook The Pioneer Woman Cooks, already out in stores:


The Elfster site is a great way to organize a Secret Santa gift exchange. You add people to the group, provide instructions (i.e. cash limit), you can specify exceptions (to avoid having someone pick someone they don’t know or don’t like), everyone is able to add gift ideas to their wish list – it’s awesome.

If someone in your famly drives a lot, and they don’t yet have a GPS, that would make a great gift. There will be tons of sales on these near the holidays. I love our GPS. It’s awesome.

The latest Harry Potter movie (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince) is coming out on December 8th.


The last Star Trek movie will be out November 17th.


Sting has a new holiday album out called If on a Winter’s Night, in stores now.


Out on November 24th is The Twilight Saga: New Moon – The Score. album.


Happy shopping everyone!

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