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So my birthday was last Wednesday and between my busy schedule and my husband’s, my bday celebrations have been sporadic and get-them-while-you-can. 🙂 He hijacked me away from my computer to take me out to dinner at Baton Rouge (prime rib, wine, chocolate mousse) on Friday night. Saturday we played minigolf (see previous post about this life list item). And today, I’ve been Kindled (it’s still en route). 🙂

After reading lots of reviews and chatting with several people (including my poll on this blog), the Kindle is apparently the best fit for my e-reader needs (want to use it just to read, don’t need 3g or a keyboard). Who knew it would be so complicated?! 🙂  (omg am I sounding older than my 37 years right now??)

Looking forward to receiving it and giving it a whirl on my daily commute. I’ve already got my first ebook purchase planned – A Dance with Dragons – Book 5 of the Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin (currently still in hardcover and not commute-friendly at all).

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So I caved and bought 4 of these babies. Instead of paying almost $85 for a set of 2, Amazon.com had them for $55 (set of 2). So I got 4.

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