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We were once again in Montreal this weekend, this time for Chris’ cousin Bill’s wedding. We drove down Friday, stayed at the same hotel (where they said “Welcome back” – omg we’re becoming regulars – funny). Friday was game night at Christina and Adam’s place – we got Arahovas delivered and we brought wine (Inniskillin Pinot Noir 2008) – yummy. Lots of gabbing and catching up, watched the hockey and played  “Would you rather” – fun game! 🙂

Saturday, we ended up doing some shopping (bought wine tumblers which we’ve been wanting to buy for a while now). Then got ready for Bill and Mema’s wedding. It was fun to see everyone again and spend some time with family at the reception. Congrats Bill and Mema – we had a great time and wish you a long and happy future together!

Only in Montreal – it snowed Saturday night…

Wtf snow on Halloween...

Sunday morning was a group brunch with friends, family and bacon (I had a craving – leave me alone :)).

The nieces! Maddie, Chloe and Sienna. And that's a piece of me on the left there...

Olga and Christina - you guys look great! Happy to see you both!

Julie, Chantal and Mark - great pic of you guys!

Nephew and soon-to-be godson Zach - what a cutie

The gang at Tutti Frutti (a breakfast place in our old neighborhood)

We headed back to Toronto after brunch (with a pit-stop at Starbucks for reinforcements). Had fun guessing the next songs on my ipod which we set to shuffle (only 321 songs and we got halfway). I’m an ADD song skipper. Once I guess the song and hear a couple of verses of it, I typically skip to the next one. Chris said I made him dizzy…oh well, we all have our flaws. This is mine. 🙂

Glad to be home, where it’s nice and warm – not cold with snow on the ground! Ack!!

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