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Hi all,

Sorry it’s been so long since I posted! Here’s a recap:

Chris and I were in Montreal for the weekend to attend the baptism of our nephew, Zach, and were proud godparents to boot. 🙂 We drove down on Saturday and arrived in early afternoon. We had an awesome time at dinner with friends and family. Our waiter was hilarious and had us laughing the whole night. He was giving out hugs (to both our female and male attendees) which made for some cozy moments.

After two pitchers of Sangria, we moved to shots. In a family restaurant, this was particularly funny. My brother Mark’s shot was a flaming sambuca, and some of it splashed on his cheek. After drinking it, his face was on fire for a few seconds. Unless he’s starring in the next Ghost Rider movie, this was probably not a look he wanted to keep. He doused the flames and all was well. Classic moment was when the waiter leaned over and said “You’re on fire dude.” 🙂

Mark, after his flaming sambuca shot

It was a great night and we were glad we got to see everybody and catch up. Everyone made it home in one piece.

Sunday was the baptism and everything went smoothly during the ceremony. Barring some crying when Zach got dunked in the basin, he did good. Chris’ sniffles were minimal. 🙂 After church, we all headed downtown for the dinner reception at Vargas. It was a beautiful restaurant and the food was very good.

We drove back to Toronto in the morning and got home at 2-ish. That was our whirlwind weekend. 🙂

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