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Day 4:

We headed straight to the Hopewell Rocks from Halifax (too early to check into our hotel) and we scheduled our visit with the tides.

We arrived just after high tide, took some “before” pics, enjoyed the trails then returned to the “flower pot” rocks for low tide and a stroll on the ocean floor. That was really cool!!

High tide:


Tide receding…


Receding some more…


Walking on the ocean floor:


Day 5:

We had an active day planned for today which started with a hike of the Matthew’s Head trail at the Fundy National Park in the morning. It was very lush (more son than where we live near the Niagara Escarpment) and that was fun to see.  We saw grouse (type of bird) walking around the forest floor which was funny (to us) since they looked like small chickens. The views were quite nice as well.


We stopped in town (Alma, NB) for lunch then headed to our afternoon activity – a half day kayak tour. We are beginners, have never been kayaking before. I don’t know whose great idea it was to paddle on the Bay of Fundy with the highest tides in the world (ahem…yours truly) but we had a good time and Amanda our guide was awesome! Chris and I were in a tandem kayak and never felt like we would tip over. The paddling itself is a good workout and the scenery from the perspective of the boat/water is really beautiful. We paddled through some slightly choppy water to a beach (1.5 hours) and stopped for about a half hour for some snacks and storytelling (learned about the tides, etc. – very fun and informative!) and made it back in one piece. 🙂 The trip back was much easier – we barely had to paddle. Not sure if we would do it again – perhaps on calmer waters…LOL!!

Food List Items: Lobster roll, seafood chowder

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