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We went out on our first walk “in nature” today. This time we headed over to Lowville Park which is on Guelph Line in Burlington, just north of Britannia Road. Bronte Creek meanders through the park which has lots of picnic areas, trails, a playground for the kids and lots of grass and trees. Today many families were out and the smell of barbecue was everywhere. No complaints! 🙂 The best part – free parking!

There are a few woodchip trails throughout the park and several bridges that cross over the creek.



We saw a few people fishing in the creek. And we came across these pretties out of nowhere:



Woodchip trail:


The weather was nice enough to go out in capris, a tank top and no jacket. Finally!!

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Today we headed south towards Lake Ontario instead of our northern Niagara Escarpment adventures of the past couple of weeks.

We drove along Lakeshore and parked on Brant Street in Burlington, then walked out to the lake where there’s a great promenade and path on the Waterfront Trail. We walked from there all the way to Burlington Beach. All along the beach people enjoyed the sun and water, with paddle boats and inflatable tubes of all kinds. Along the path there were lots of walkers, joggers and cyclists. It’s a great area to enjoy the outdoors.

Most of the pics below are of the downtown waterfront area and promenade. There were lots of geese there too. 🙂

IMG_5233 IMG_5234 IMG_5235 IMG_5236 IMG_5237 IMG_5238 IMG_5239

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This weekend’s excursion brought us to Burlington, Ontario. We took the scenic route and drove along Lakeshore and it was a beautiful drive. We passed through Port Credit and Oakville. There are some homes on Lakeshore in Oakville that are ridiculously large. Like 4-car garage large. Like it would take me a week to clean all the windows large. Although…it took me over  2 years to clean my own windows but that’s just procrastination at work…bad example.

Strangely enough, as we approached Burlington, we started seeing these signs and I just about died.

I had never seen one of these before and they were on almost every corner! Which made it seem like a seniors-filled area but we didn’t see very many out and about…

Anyhoo – we arrived in Burlington, I guess it was downtown Burlington, and parked the car, then set about walking around the town which was quite charming. The views of Lake Ontario were really nice too. We stopped at the Starbucks for my summer usual (iced grande nonfat latte), then continued to explore.  We drove down to the Royal Botanical Gardens and had lunch at the Turner Pavilion Tea House, then walked through the gardens.

Reflection pools



Medieval kitchen garden

The Medieval kitchen garden was actually pretty cool – they showed all the herbs that would be typically included in a medieval kitchen garden, split into four categories: dyes, medicinal, aromatics and culinary. It was really interesting to look through all the herbs and reading what each one was used for (i.e. spearmint was commonly used for pain and stomach ailments).

It started to drizzle so we didn’t stay very long, but enjoyed our short stay nonetheless!

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