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This is really cute and actually pretty close to the truth (well, except Santa’s House 🙂 we all know he lives in the North Pole). Got a good chuckle out of it 🙂

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“Like a running shoe, clothing label and soda pop brand, a country’s reputation helps define it against other nations in the world. A strong country brand helps build a clear narrative for the benefit of visitors. According to FutureBrand, some nations are better at maintaining their image than others. With the help of 35,000 business and leisure travellers, 14 research markets, and 102 experts in 16 countries, the 2011 Country Brand Index ranked 113 nations in categories like value systems, quality of life, investment opportunities, heritage and culture and tourism.”

Guess which one made it to number one!

Cool! 🙂

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Winter is hell…you can’t escape it anywhere in Canada. We’ve had the first couple of days of really cold weather here… You know what I mean – when you go outside and it’s that mix of damp/crisp cold air that instantly chills you to the bone and makes you catch your breath and say “Holy sh&%$ it’s cold!”. It’s definitely winter. And it’s been Cold…with the wind it’s been minus 20s. Which is still pretty good. Our only consolation is that it’s Colder in Montreal *insert taunting wave to friends and family in Mtl* and Coldest in the prairies. Even Vancouver didn’t escape it this year… What is going ON??? BlaBla global warming BlaBla.

All this environment talk doesn’t seem to be producing any results. I’m skeptical. I mean, you can’t escape it, it’s on tv, it’s on the radio, it’s in ads, in junk mail, on billboards, everywhere. “They” tell us to save energy, to reduce/reuse/recycle, to waste less, change your lightbulbs, no to plastic bags, yes to clean cars, save the planet, think of the future, think GREEN. And yet, it seems to be getting more and more urgent, which makes me think that it’s not working.

I tell you I’m so green, I look like Oscar the grouch. >:-)

Don’t get me wrong – I’ll gladly do my part for the planet. We recycle. We recycle a lot more than we toss in the trash, that’s for sure. But obviously, I’m not perfect because every once in a while I hear a tsktsk and heavy sigh from Chris as he fishes out a recyclable item I erroneously threw in the garbage, shaking his head as he rinses it in the sink and tosses it in the garbage like I’ve made this huge transgression and my ultimate goal is to sabotage his beloved Earth… The dog whisperer is also a planet worshipper. Who knew.

So, I do my part. I recycle. I close lights in rooms we’re not using. I take public transportation. I even offered to get those reusable bags from Loblaws now that plastic bags cost 5 cents each (except when we need plastic bags for cat litter and other things, and then we’ll “forget” our reusable bags to stock up on plastic ones). But I’m skeptical. Mostly because there’s still no standard on recycling or other methods. Looking for those numbered codes on plastic containers drives me nuts. Is that a 2? Is it a 6? Does the city recycle 2s and not 6s? Or vice versa? It’s madness. I’m half expecting Chris to one day suggest moving to a city that recycles both 2s AND 6s…he’d be thrilled! But really…How serious can “they” be? With all the increase in production and pollution of all these recycling plants and other “green” factories, is all our hard work really making a difference? Or is it the latest fad driven by corporations? In 25 years, will people look back and snicker at those wacky people from the 2000s who used to wear biodegradable clothing in order to save the planet? I wonder…

But there’s one thing I’ll never change for the good of the planet: I love my SUV. 🙂 Speaking of which…

Deep thought of the day:
Drive defensively…buy a tank.


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