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Chris and I attended a murder mystery dinner at Casa Loma last night with another couple and we had a blast!

You’ll recall this post that mentioned all the details.

We got there (after horrendous traffic no less) and were given name tags and a map to tour Casa Loma itself, which was fun. Lots of wood paneling, ornate ceiling carvings and fully decorated rooms. The ambience was great for a Clue-style murder mystery – Casa Loma has a dining room, a great hall, a billiard room, a library, a conservatory, etc., and a ton more.

There was a cocktail hour from 7 to 8pm that we mostly spent out on the terrace enjoying the breeze and the gardens/fountain. The actors made their first appearance:

  • Colonel Dijon in full military getup (played the role of Colonel Mustard)
  • Cerise Rouge with red dress and red feather boa (Miss Scarlett)
  • Professor Prune in purple from head to toe (Prof. Plum)
  • Blanche Boyle who was hilarious – he was a man in full maid’s costume, black patterned nylons and all (Mrs. White)
  • Frau Blau in blue safari gear and Swiss accent (Mrs. Peacock)
  • The detective for the evening was Hercule Perrier (Hercule Poirot)

We got to meet all the characters during the cocktail hour, then we were seated in the dining room at our assigned table, where we received our Clue worksheet for the evening.

Note: This is the map for the event - not the map of Casa Loma

The detective gave us all an intro to the story and some background on all the characters to begin the evening, and this continued between courses.

As events progressed and the characters were questioned by the detective and told their stories, the diners really had to pay attention to all the little details. As each person explained their whereabouts and connection to the victim, small things were revealed and the sequence of events became really important. How all the weapons were implicated was important as well. Past history was dragged out, the multiple husbands of Frau Blau, the secret relationship between Cerise and the victim, the secret passageway from the billiard room to the conservatory, it was great!

Chris (the birthday boy) got to play a small part (as did all the other diners who were celebrating something that evening – there was about 20 in all) and as a war hero, he had one line to say to Colonel Dijon.

Chris with Colonel Dijon

Frau Blau

Blanche Boyle

Cerise Rouge

Unfortunately I didn’t get a pic of Prof. Prune.

At the end of the evening, all the diners had to fill out their ballot with their guess: Who did it, with what weapon and in what room. Chris and Jan both got it right! I was close – just got the room wrong.

A great time was had by all!

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July/August/September are looking pretty busy:

July 31-Aug 3: Friend visiting from Montreal for the long weekend: wine tasting in NOTL, shopping, pool time!

Aug 6-8: Sister visiting from Montreal: Going to see Salt, pool time, Chapters, etc.

Aug 8-11: Sister and family visiting from Montreal: Tentative: Marineland/Niagara Falls, Toronto Islands, pool time!

Aug 12/13: Meteor shower 8pm ET

Aug 13: A Clue to Murder – murder mystery dinner at Casa Loma

Aug 15: Archery lesson for Chris’ birthday

Aug 21: Terroir Trek: Dine Amongst the Vines at Peller Estates Winery with Chris and another couple

Sept 18: Knife Skills kitchen class

Sept 25: Wine festival in Niagara

Life is good. 🙂

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Yes, we’ve lived here for about 1 year and 10 months now. Yet we haven’t taken the time to explore the city… We’ve just been busy people, ok? So, as part of our new Adventure Series, this weekend we decided to pretend we were tourists in our own city and took a Toronto city tour on one of those hop on hop off double-decker bus tours. It was great! AND I got to cross off “Ride a double-decker bus” off my Life List! 🙂 


We were given a map as well as a city sightseeing book tha explained all the highlights along the way and what was in the vicinity at each stop. We actually didn’t end up getting off the bus and took the full tour from start to finish – it lasted about two hours. Our goal was to enjoy the tour, get familiar with the different areas and neighborhoods and make notes for future explorations in some of the places that looked interesting. 

We’ve taken similar tours in other cities and enjoyed those so we figured we’d do the same here! The tour guide was fun and informative although at times it was hard to hear over the noise of the city. Hearing the stories, history and inside-information is the best part of these tours and this one didn’t disappoint. 

The stops on the tour included the following: 

  • 1- Harbourfront Centre/Radisson Hotel
  • 2- Queen’s Quay Terminal
  • 3- Hockey Hall of Fame/Sony Centre
  • 4- St. Lawrence Market/Old Town Toronto
  • 5- Distillery District
  • 6- Corktown/Design District
  • 7- King Edward Hotel/St. James Cathedral
  • 8- Eaton Centre South
  • 9- Massey Hall
  • 10- Dundas Square
  • 11- Maple Leaf Gardens
  • 12- Yonge & Isabella
  • 13- Yonge & Bloor
  • 14- Bloor-Yorkville
  • 15- Casa Loma
  • 16- The Annex/Bloor & Spadina
  • 17- Bata Shoe Museum
  • 18- ROM/Gardiner Museum
  • 19- Queen’s Park/Hospital Alley
  • 20- AGO/ChinaTown
  • 21- King & John/Theatre District
  • 22- CN Tower North/Metro Convention Centre
  • 23- Union Station/Fairmont Royal York
  • 24- CN Tower South/Rogers Centre

Some pics of our day: 

CN Tower. That's pretty tall.

Flatiron Building, pic taken from in front of the St. Lawrence Market

See? Told ya.

The actual market was closed since it was Sunday but the outdoor antique market was in full swing.

Yonge street - We're near the Eaton Centre, which is a shopping mecca. My visiting friend Nicki and I had quite the shopping spree here a few months ago.

Yonge-Dundas Square. Toronto's answer to Times Square in NY.

Casa Loma - this mansion still looks pretty cool - stay tuned for more on this in a future post!

The Much Music building

On the list of future visits are: The Distillery District, Greektown, Little Italy, Casa Loma (I’d been on a tour many years ago and really enjoyed it then – I think Chris would enjoy it and I wouldn’t mind going again). That being said – we saw a sign as our tour bus left Casa Loma that showed an upcoming (August Friday the 13th) murder mystery dinner – it sounds like a lot of fun and in that castle/mansion – it should be great! 


Better get our Sherlock Holmes caps on! 🙂

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