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Kia EV Commercial

I’ve been a fan of the new Kia ads with the hamsters. Big fan of the one to Lady Gaga’s “Applause” where the three male hamsters workout like crazy and end up all sleek and snazzy for the red carpet.

I like the latest one too to Maroon 5’s “Animals” with the female hamster that sneaks into the experiment and transforms into a sexy leather-clad hamster. But one thing bugs me about it: At the end, why isn’t the girl hamster driving the car??

Hmph. :-\ It would be much cooler if she was driving.



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Hamster Love

I don’t know what it is about this commercial. I can’t believe I’m going to say this out loud but I find the hamsters at the end of this commercial sexy.

There. I said it.

There’s just something in their swagger as they start their strut up the red carpet. Maybe it’s the way their Ray Bans sit jauntily on their noses… (snouts?) Or the suave way he brushed his hair. Or the confident way he gives his fans one last look over his shoulder as he enters the building.

Either way. Hotties.


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I love this ad… 🙂

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I love it. 🙂

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I can’t help but love this commercial from McDonald’s Canada. They sent a guy around the world to ask various locals (who don’t speak English) where the nearest McDonald’s was. It’s awesome.

Yes, it’s for a fast food chain. Yes, when in a foreign country, you’re supposed to try the local cuisine. Yes, it shows how commercial the world has become.

So what?

Seeing the joy and relief when the people in the commercial finally figure out what he’s trying to say is great.

Love it.

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This is laugh-out-loud funny.


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