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For months, I pondered and pondered over what to plant in my container garden this year. I debated between which veggies, herbs and fruits I wanted to grow this year. I’ve only been doing this gardening thing for 2 years – this summer will be the third and I love it. I’ve learned a lot along the way and hope this year’s bounty will be great.

I chose the following:

  • Red cherry tomatoes – Tiny Tim (great for the past 2 years)
  • Yellow cherry tomatoes – Honeybee (great for the past 2 years)
  • Thai basil (great last year – makes awesome pesto)
  • Cinnamon basil (great for the past 2 years)
  • Strawberries (first time – I might be a bit late in starting these – we’ll see)
  • Baby lettuce (first time)

They’re already germinating away in jiffy pots…

I’m looking forward to more yummy homegrown food.


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Well, I can really say it’s the *first* bounty since I’ve been snipping the basil and parsley for a few weeks now. That being said, this morning I picked the first veggies. Behold the bounty of our first mini pepper and mini cucumber. And they were delicious!!!  I thought I might have picked the cuke a bot early (I was testing it out to know when to pick the rest) but it was sweet and fresh and yummy. The pepper was crisp and fresh too. So excited to eat more!

Here are more pictures of my container garden. I originally had plants on either side of the patio door but noticed that the ones on the side that got more sun were getting a bit parched – you’ll see them in the pic of the entire garden – they’re lighter in color and smaller. I moved them all over to the far left this morning – hopefully they’ll be happier there.

Basil and parsley In their new home

The garden!

Pretty soon we’ll have too many veggies to know what to do with. 🙂 And I can’t wait!

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This heat wave is really getting old. Yesterday was 38 (49 with the humidity). For the Farenheit folks out there, that’s 100 (120 with the humidity). Hello..??? We’re in Canada. That’s too hot. But – I’m still not craving ice and snowmen. So, I’ve been staying inside with the AC on, or in the pool. Life is hard. 🙂

I’ve been keeping an eye on my garden – for the past two days, I’ve come home from work to find them sad and wilted but a good watering perks them right up again. The basil and parsley are doing very well – used basil in some meals this week. And I’m finally seeing tomatoes and peppers! Not sure what’s up with the cukes though – lots of flowers, but nothing growing yet.

I see tomatoes!


More tomatoes

Parsley and basil (Thai basil and Cinnamon basil)

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They’re aliiiive!

Although things started slowly, they’re finally getting there and starting to bloom.

The middle one with yellow flowers are mini cucumbers. The larger green one to the left is a tomato plant. The four other large ones are mini bell peppers – they just started to flower. The two white pots in th 2nd row are parsleys – they finally kicked in about a week ago. And the front row is all basil (three Thai basils and one cinnamon basil).

The other batch includes tomato plants (the large ones) just about to flower. The two in light green pots are more mini bell peppers.

I transplanted one tomato plant, the peppers and the basil into larger pots this morning, gave them a good watering and now they’re settling down in the sun. 🙂

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I swung by Rona yesterday to pick up my Jiffy pots and seeds for my container garden this year. After last year’s tomato and basil success, I decided to expand the repertoire. How exciting is that? 🙂

I planted the following in 25 Jiffy Pots – we’ll see how many make it through transplanting. We eat a lot of tomato/cucumber/basil/mozzarella salads so if I’m able to grow all the veggies/herbs, I’ll just need to buy the cheese. Sounds like a great plan to me!

  • 5 red cherry tomato (Balcony Charm)
  • 6 mini cucumber (Muncher)
  • 5 pepper (Mini Bell Mixed)
  • 3 Thai basil
  • 3 parsley (Single Hardy Italian)
  • 1 yellow cherry tomato (Honeybees)  (from last year)
  • 2 cinnamon basil (from last year)

This is what they’re all supposed to look like – we shall see!

Tomato - Balcony Charm

Cucumber - Muncher

Thai Basil

Peppers - Mini Bell Mixed

Parsley - Single Hardy Italian

Tomato - Honeybee

Cinnamon Basil

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They have arrived.

Success is golden. 🙂

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Behold the green tomatoes. Soon they will turn red and yellow. MmmMmm.

I didn’t expect these plants to get this tall!

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I see baby tomatoes!

Aren’t they dah-ling?

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After a couple of days of wondering why my tomato plants hadn’t borne any flowers yet, yesterday evening, I spied the beginnings of a few blooms! Very exciting. Hopefully this means that cherry tomatoes will eventually grow!

The two types of tomatoes I chose to grow were both determinate types, one red (Tiny Tim) and yellow (Honey Bee). To be honest, I don’t remember which plant is which but they’re two very different types: there are tall, lighter-coloured green plants and then much smaller plants that are a darker green. When tomatoes end up growing, that’s when I’ll be able to tell which is which. 🙂 Who knows how I got them mixed up…

Tomato plants with the beginning of small yellow flowers

Let’s take a moment to remember how they started…little seeds in their jiffy pellets….

This pic was taken a few weeks after the initial sowing.

I’ve been feeding them fertilizer according to teh instructions, watering as much as they seem to need it… That, paired with the sun they’ve been getting made them apparently very happy plants.

And the basil is doing well too – I’ll be snipping some to use today so they’ll start getting bushier. I see pesto in my future. Awesome.

Cinnamon basil, sweet basil and lemon basil

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I transplanted the tomato plants to their larger pots and have begun hardening them off…just putting them out for a couple of hours a day fopr now. The taller plants are the red Tiny Tims and the smaller ones are the yellow Honeybees. I’ll be transplanting the basil tomorrow – but won’t be putting them outside just yet – they’re still really delicate.

Hard to believe they started out as seeds!

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