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Today, I redeemed 50,000 points for $100 off my purchases. It was a great day!

  • Value of products: $153.53
  • Paid out of pocket: $24.75
  • Savings of:  84% of $128.78

I picked up some Knorr Sidekicks which were on sale for $0.99 each (it’s what I like to eat when Chris is away). I also stocked up on some staples that I needed but always like to get free like shampoo, hair color and concealer. I also picked up a few Easter items, you know, while I was there. Ok, Ok, the chocolate bunnies called out to me…I’m weak that way. 🙂

Very satisfying shopping day!

I love Shoppers Drug Mart.


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It was a good week this week with 20x the points earned at Shoppers and a $40 off with PC Plus points. 🙂


  • Value of products: $116.21
  • Paid out of pocket: $61.29
  • Savings of: $54.92 or 47%

Shoppers Drug Mart:

  • Value of products: $93.47
  • Paid out of pocket: $66.21
  • Savings of: $27.26 or 29%
  • Points earned: 13,600

A good deal this week was a BOGO coupon for Axe products (we got shower gel) plus an extra $1 off from Checkout 51. They were on sale for $5.99 but the cashier redeemed my BOGO coupon for $6.99 (only noticed when I got home).

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Not a huge savings week this week, but I was able to rack up 25,800 in PC Plus points which is awesome. We took advantage of the “spend $30 in the natural food section and get 6,000 points” promo (we buy organic yogurt and juice all the time). I also had a coupon from PC to get 5,000 points if your bill is over $200 so that was good too.

BOGO El Paso salsa (w/ coupon)

$2 off Jamieson vitamins

$1 off milk

  • Value of products: $308.43
  • Paid out of pocket: $263.56
  • Savings: 44.87 or 15%

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  • Value of products: $156.92
  • Paid out of pocket: $114.87
  • Total savings: $42.05 or 27%

I redeemed 20,000 PC Plus points for $20 off and only used 3 coupons:

FREE: Kashi Blueberry & Oat Clusters cereal ($4.29 value)

FREE: Nutrigrain Soft Bakes ($1.99 value)

$1 off Nice ‘n Easy hair color

The rest was mainly produce, yogurt and juice.

This year I’m determined to save even more money than last year. 🙂

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I was super excited for the Shoppers Drug Mart super redemption this weekend and I stocked up on lots of Christmas stuff (stocking stuffers, chocolate, etc.) and picked up lots of stuff on sale.

  • Value of products: $338.18
  • Paid out of pocket: $139.99
  • Total savings: $198.19 or 59%
  • Points redeemed: 95,000

Our Fortinos trip was also pretty good – earned lots of PC Plus points. 🙂

  • Value of products: $180.05
  • Paid out of pocket: $146.60
  • Total savings: $33.45 or 19%
  • Points earned: 12,250

Looking forward to seeing how we compare to last year’s total at year end. So far, I’m about $2800 ahead of last year at this time. We’ll see!

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Had a good week. 20x the points at SDM and no-tax day at RCSS, plus lots of sales! I didn’t use any coupons this week but did get $1 off on Checkout 51 (and received my $21 check!) 🙂


  • Value of products: $255.71
  • Paid out of pocket: $185.78
  • Savings of: $69.93 or 27%
  • Redeemed 30,000 points for $30 off


  • Value of products: $95.87
  • Paid out of pocket: $59.70
  • Savings of: $36.17 or 38%
  • Points earned: 16,200

With those points, I’m now over the 95,000 point mark and poised for the mega redemption event (if they have it again this year) for $200+ off when the time comes. 🙂

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For the past few weeks, I’ve been busy with our move and my couponing took a backseat. I’m happy to say I’m back in the saddle. 🙂  The closest grocery store near our new home is Fortinos which is part of the Loblaws chain – I’m glad about that as I’ve always been a Loblaws shopper. We also have a RCSS nearby. This trip I took advantage of some coupons I had been saving (some from the last Kraft Samplicious offer, a free Haagen Dazs snack cup from a contest offer among others). I also plan on getting the mail-in rebate for the BOGO Finish dishwasher detergent.

  • Value of products: $182.55
  • Paid out of pocket: $148.44
  • Savings: $34.11  (or 19%)


We were hungry when we did this trip (BAD idea) so it’s higher than it should have been but what can you do…


Good deals this week:

FREE Cracker Barrel sliced cheese (savings of $5.80)

BOGO Satin Care shave gel (savings of $3.00)

FREE Haagen Dazs snack cup (savings of approx. $2.00)

Glad compostable bags: Reg price $6.49 with a $2 coupon and $2 off from Checkout51

Danone yogourt – had 3 coupons for various Danone products, savings of $4.50



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Loblaws savings this week: 26%

After skipping my usual grocery trip last week (my husband was away on business), I expected this week to be higher than usual but it turns out, that wasn’t the case, and I got to redeem $20 of PC Points. Since we’re moving in 2 weeks, we’re trying to keep everything to a bare minimum so we have very little to move from the fridge/freezer.

  • Value of products:  $170.77
  • Paid out of pocket: $122.14
  • Savings of:  $48.63 (or 28%)

Good deals:

Janes chicken strips were on sale this week for $5.99 plus Loblaws had $2 coupons so one box came out to $3.99 instead of $11.99. Score!

Smart Ones were also on sale for $2 each, instead of $4.19 so I got 8 and saved $8.76.

I earned 7,200 points and redeemed 20,000 for a $20 discount.

Compared to this time last year, we’re ahead by approx. $2,700. 🙂

Good week!


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I took advantage of the 20x the points promo today.

  • Value of products: $127.33
  • Paid out of pocket: $89.77
  • Savings of: 29% (37.56)
  • Total points earned: 20,600

Extra savings:

  • Checkout 51: 4 x Kelloggs snacks – $5.00 cashback
  • Checkout 51: Pay with Visa – $2.00 cashback
  • $4.00 Coupon on any Almay product
  • $0.50 Coupon on a pack of Dentyne Ice gum
  • FREE Coupon for Dempsters Vegetable bread ($2.50 value)

Good sales:

  • Nutrigrain bars @ $1.88 each
  • Starbucks for $9.999 / bag
  • Dove Clinical deodorant @ $8.99 each
  • Speed Stick deodorant @ $1.99 each

Good shopping day! 🙂  And, my optimum points balance is at 61,569 which means at on my next trip, I can redeem 50,000 for $85 off. 🙂 A little bird told me next weekend is a Bonus Redemption weekend too.

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In preparation for our move, today we headed over to our soon-to-be new neighborhood to get the lay of the land and see what shopping and amenities were nearby. We ended up doing our weekly grocery trip at our soon-to-be grocery store to get a feel for it. I’m super excited to be close enough to an RCSS. 🙂 There were some good deals today.

  • Total value of products:  $187.29
  • Paid out of pocket: $128.59
  • Total savings: $58.70 or 31%
  • PC Points redeemed: 20,000 ($20 off)

Good deals:

  • I had 2 coupons for $3 off if you buy any 2 Febreeze products. I ended up getting 4 Febreeze Stick and Refresh – they were on sale for $2.97 each, and including my coupons, scored a total savings of approx. $10.88. 3 cents better than BOGO. 🙂
  • I had a coupon for $3 off if you buy 5 smart One meals. They were on sae for $2.97 each, and including my coupon, I scored a total savings of approx. $9.60.
  • McCain frozen ultra thin pizza was on sale for $2.98 each.
  • Mangoes on sale $0.888 each.
  • Coupon: Buy 2 Maple Leaf products and get $1.50 off.


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