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2011 marked the end of an era. Yahoo compiled a list outlining the top 10 “ends” that took place in this year.

“An era is truly known only when it’s over. In 2011, institutions closed shop, government programs ended, and others simply moved on. While an era might be a grandiose way to describe the end of, say, Borders or “Kate Plus 8,” each of these finales symbolized, in their own fields, a way of being that wouldn’t happen again.” – Vera H-C Chan.

End of an Era

  1. Space Shuttle Program
  2. Oprah Winfrey
  3. Borders
  4. Harry Potter
  5. Friendster
  6. Steve Jobs
  7. News of the World
  8. “Kate Plus 8″
  9. Elizabeth Warren
  10. Iraq Withdrawal

Read the full article here – it’s a great summary of endings in 2011:

Yahoo! 2011 Year In Review – End of an Era#End of an Era.


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I remember how excited we were as kids waking up on Christmas morning and seeing all the presents under the tree. We could barely contain our excitement. Seeing that same excitement on my nieces’ faces on Christmas morning is priceless. 🙂 My job as playing Santa was much easier this year now that Sienna can read! LOL

The girls got their first play-makeup kit hehehe

They also got a set of dress-up shoes/slippers with feathers and sparkles. When they opened up the box and saw what it was, they both yelled out “SHOES!!!!!” and my husband laughed and laughed… 🙂  Yes, it starts early.

My nieces Sienna and Maddie with their uncle Mark

Nice Christmas all around. 🙂

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The weather has been very mild lately, above seasonal, no snow on the ground, and very unlike-Christmas.

When you’re a kid growing up, a green Christmas is nothing short of a tragedy. Christmas without snow just wasn’t as magical.

This year, we spent christmas in Montreal and it had been unseasonably warm there too up until Christmas Eve. On Christmas morning, we woke up to a white fluffy landscape with thick white snowflakes falling (that kept up all day) – a perfect Christmas day.

On our way to my sister’s place – we were the first footsteps along the path on Christmas morning – I took the pic before we stepped through it:

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Every family has their own traditions, from when to open gifts (Christmas Eve at night or first thing Christmas morning) to what to serve as the holiday meal.

Growing up, turkey was the usual highlight, with tourtiere (meat pie), mashed potatoes, peas, carrots, cranberry sauce (whole berry, in a can thank you very much) and dessert, which was usually buche (french word for yule log) or a fruit pie. I remember having this meal at my grandmother’s house (mom’s side), and also at our house growing up. When I started hosting the holiday meal at my  own home, I stuck to the same formula. Christmas was usually turkey, New Year’s was usually ham. I made some minor tweaks (i.e. my carrots were topped with a maple/butter sauce, my desserts were something different every year). But the rest? Never mess with tradition. 🙂

This year, we’re visiting family for the holidays and after several years’ hiatus, I get to enjoy my mom’s Christmas meal this year! And I’m SO excited. 🙂

What do you serve for your holiday meal?

Is it the same as when you were growing up?

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How could you walk by this festive spectacle and not give them some cash? 🙂 Love these guys!

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Don’t let this happen to you this holiday season.


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You can never have too many puppies…

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