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These might be the best sugar cookies I’ve ever had (either made myself of by others). They’re soft and chewy and very very yummy. No wonder they’re the highest rated sugar cookie on the Food Network site! Recipe can be found here.


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I don’t know what it is about roasted plums – they’re so delicious and have a richness to them when they’re cooked. The raspberries add a touch of colour and tartness. This recipe can be used with any fruits you like or are in season; it’s very versatile.

This recipe is from the Barefoot in Paris cookbook and the recipe can be found here.


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I finally made my own crème brûlée. 🙂 And it turned out really yummy! I was excited to use my new kitchen torch.

They had a nice hard crust and the custard was so creamy. Awesome. And super easy!!!

Recipe is in Ina Garten’s Barefoot in Paris cookbook and can be found here.

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That’s all.

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Oh my.

I made these today and they are everything a brownie should be: chocolatey, walnutty, rich, decadent.

Recipe is here. It makes 20 large brownie squares (like the kind in restaurants you would put a scoop of vanilla ice cream on with chocolate sauce). Fabu.

I think the amount of butter used (1 lb) in this recipe was a new record for me. But really, why skimp on a perfect chocolate brownie… That would be a crime.

From the Barefoot Contessa Cookbook.

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I was craving chocolate.

So I made cake.

A “double-layered chocolatey-with-gooey-chocolate-icing” cake.

Sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

This is from the Barefoot Contessa At Home cookbook. Recipe is here.

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30 recipes to go!

I made this for dessert tonight and although it somewhat overflowed, it was still delicious! This is Ina’s Plum Crunch – kind of like an apple crisp or cobbler but with plums – fantastic. The creme de cassis really brought the dish a deep flavour of plum. The recipe called for Italian plums, which I’ve never seen at my Loblaws. I made it with a mix of black and red plums and it was truly awesome.

Mmmm Look at the sauce oozing out of the pan! Luckily I baked it on a parchment paper-lined sheet pan. 🙂

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