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Now that the good weather has arrived, it’s time to start exploring again. Yesterday we headed over to Port Credit and walked along the Lakefront Promenade. We strolled along the waterfront trails, checked out all the boats in the marina and enjoyed the fresh air. You gotta love it when the web site provides directions by land and by water. 🙂

It was sunny before we arrived and after we left but got cloudy during our walk so my pics are a tad grey. And there must have been something strange in the air – most of my pics have something unexpected in them that I only noticed after I uploaded them at home!

Where we began our walk – this is a small inlet/beach off of Lake Ontario

Unexpected sight #1: If you look closely underneath the left-most boat, there’s a line of ducks flying very close to the water. Not to mention the bird in flight.

Closer pic of the ducks flying

Boats at the marina. Unexpected sight #2: The bird!!

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Today, we headed down to High Park to enjoy some nature and get some exercise. We just walked, but it was pretty hilly so it counts. 🙂

It’s a very large park by Grenadier pond, with ducks and geese. There’s also a zoo, tons of trails and paths, gardens, picnic areas, sporting activities/facilities, etc.

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Today’s activities started out with a 2pm Luminato show: One Thousand and One Nights. We bought tickets for part 1. Unfortunately, it didn’t live up to what we had hoped and we ended up leaving at intermission. But on the bright side, we got to do some spontaneous exploring in the area. 🙂

First, we walked over to the Historic Distillery District which was just down the street from where we were.

The Distillery District is an internationally acclaimed village of brick-lined streets and dozens of vibrantly restored Victorian Industrial buildings. It’s one of Ontario’s hottest tourist attractions and home to live theatres, galleries, fashion, design and jewelry boutiques, unique cafes and award-winning restaurants. It’s all completely closed to traffic and just a few minutes walk from downtown Toronto.

We strolled around, snapped a couple of pics:

We then headed over to the St. Lawrence Market – Chris had never been so I wanted him to check it out. This is a haven for meats, cheese, fruits and veggies, all kinds of yummy stuff.

On the way home, we stopped for lunch at Fionn McCool’s – an Irish Pub-type place. We had never been and wanted to try something new – glad we went since the food was awesome.

Back home with sore feet, a bit of a sunburn, enjoying a glass of 2009 Ravine Chardonnay MusquĂ© and watching 13 going on 30 – Jennifer Garner is hilarious.

Good day. 🙂

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I was Googling for some nice Ontario Fall drives so we could go out and enjoy some of the leaves changing colours and came across this peculiar place about a half hour north of where we live called the Cheltenham Badlands. It was a gorgeous day so we decided to head out and see what badlands looked like in Ontario. Well boy, were we pleasantly surprised and amazed. What a cool place! It was a beautiful day, warm (got up to 18 degrees C, sunny), the leaves were just gorgeous – a perfect fall day! We drove north on Mississauga road, right on Old Baseline Road, pass Creditview and you’re there!

We parked a little ways back and as we approached, this was our first glance at them - how cool is that!?

Doesn't this look like the Dead Scar in World of Warcraft? Right here in our own Ontario backyard!

Walking back to where we parked the car...enjoying the fall leaves.

This is why I love the Fall in Canada... 🙂

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Yes, we’ve lived here for about 1 year and 10 months now. Yet we haven’t taken the time to explore the city… We’ve just been busy people, ok? So, as part of our new Adventure Series, this weekend we decided to pretend we were tourists in our own city and took a Toronto city tour on one of those hop on hop off double-decker bus tours. It was great! AND I got to cross off “Ride a double-decker bus” off my Life List! 🙂 


We were given a map as well as a city sightseeing book tha explained all the highlights along the way and what was in the vicinity at each stop. We actually didn’t end up getting off the bus and took the full tour from start to finish – it lasted about two hours. Our goal was to enjoy the tour, get familiar with the different areas and neighborhoods and make notes for future explorations in some of the places that looked interesting. 

We’ve taken similar tours in other cities and enjoyed those so we figured we’d do the same here! The tour guide was fun and informative although at times it was hard to hear over the noise of the city. Hearing the stories, history and inside-information is the best part of these tours and this one didn’t disappoint. 

The stops on the tour included the following: 

  • 1- Harbourfront Centre/Radisson Hotel
  • 2- Queen’s Quay Terminal
  • 3- Hockey Hall of Fame/Sony Centre
  • 4- St. Lawrence Market/Old Town Toronto
  • 5- Distillery District
  • 6- Corktown/Design District
  • 7- King Edward Hotel/St. James Cathedral
  • 8- Eaton Centre South
  • 9- Massey Hall
  • 10- Dundas Square
  • 11- Maple Leaf Gardens
  • 12- Yonge & Isabella
  • 13- Yonge & Bloor
  • 14- Bloor-Yorkville
  • 15- Casa Loma
  • 16- The Annex/Bloor & Spadina
  • 17- Bata Shoe Museum
  • 18- ROM/Gardiner Museum
  • 19- Queen’s Park/Hospital Alley
  • 20- AGO/ChinaTown
  • 21- King & John/Theatre District
  • 22- CN Tower North/Metro Convention Centre
  • 23- Union Station/Fairmont Royal York
  • 24- CN Tower South/Rogers Centre

Some pics of our day: 

CN Tower. That's pretty tall.

Flatiron Building, pic taken from in front of the St. Lawrence Market

See? Told ya.

The actual market was closed since it was Sunday but the outdoor antique market was in full swing.

Yonge street - We're near the Eaton Centre, which is a shopping mecca. My visiting friend Nicki and I had quite the shopping spree here a few months ago.

Yonge-Dundas Square. Toronto's answer to Times Square in NY.

Casa Loma - this mansion still looks pretty cool - stay tuned for more on this in a future post!

The Much Music building

On the list of future visits are: The Distillery District, Greektown, Little Italy, Casa Loma (I’d been on a tour many years ago and really enjoyed it then – I think Chris would enjoy it and I wouldn’t mind going again). That being said – we saw a sign as our tour bus left Casa Loma that showed an upcoming (August Friday the 13th) murder mystery dinner – it sounds like a lot of fun and in that castle/mansion – it should be great! 


Better get our Sherlock Holmes caps on! 🙂

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This weekend’s excursion brought us to Burlington, Ontario. We took the scenic route and drove along Lakeshore and it was a beautiful drive. We passed through Port Credit and Oakville. There are some homes on Lakeshore in Oakville that are ridiculously large. Like 4-car garage large. Like it would take me a week to clean all the windows large. Although…it took me over  2 years to clean my own windows but that’s just procrastination at work…bad example.

Strangely enough, as we approached Burlington, we started seeing these signs and I just about died.

I had never seen one of these before and they were on almost every corner! Which made it seem like a seniors-filled area but we didn’t see very many out and about…

Anyhoo – we arrived in Burlington, I guess it was downtown Burlington, and parked the car, then set about walking around the town which was quite charming. The views of Lake Ontario were really nice too. We stopped at the Starbucks for my summer usual (iced grande nonfat latte), then continued to explore.  We drove down to the Royal Botanical Gardens and had lunch at the Turner Pavilion Tea House, then walked through the gardens.

Reflection pools



Medieval kitchen garden

The Medieval kitchen garden was actually pretty cool – they showed all the herbs that would be typically included in a medieval kitchen garden, split into four categories: dyes, medicinal, aromatics and culinary. It was really interesting to look through all the herbs and reading what each one was used for (i.e. spearmint was commonly used for pain and stomach ailments).

It started to drizzle so we didn’t stay very long, but enjoyed our short stay nonetheless!

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This weekend’s adventure brought us to the Farmers Market on the corner of Burnhamthorpe and the West Mall in Etobicoke. I love farmers markets – the little baskets overflowing with fruits and veggies straight from the farm – it all looks so fresh and yummy!

Our loot:

We bought cherries, yellow and red tomatoes, peaches, raisin bread made with maple syrup and sausages.

We had a tomato salad with honey garlic sausages for lunch, added fresh basil, made a nice vinaigrette with olive oil, Dijon mustard and chopped chives – turned out great. Had some of the raisin bread as a snack – it was sooo good!

On the drive there, we also saw this bizarre-looking building in downtown Mississauga. Don’t mind the glare – I took the pic through the windshield:

Jetsons, here we come! Now if only they could install moving sidewalks all over town, then we’d be set. 🙂

Another fun day of exploration!

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