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This morning we headed out to enjoy the fall colours and went for a hike at Rattlesnake Point. The drive there was nice and the trees were yellow, orange and red all along the way. We arrived there at 10am which was a bit later than our usual and were surprised to find a lineup of cars coming out of the park entrance. It only took a few minutes to get in.

We took the Bruce Trail path that runs alongside the yellow park trail (Buffalo Craig Trail) to avoid the crowds. It was really beautiful and it smelled like fall (as my husband romantically calls it, the smell of dead leaves…  Hmph).

It’s my favourite time of the year and love getting out and seeing all the amazing colors.

img_20161023_103500 img_20161023_103221 img_20161023_103705

There are a few steep climbs to have fun with…

img_20161023_103932 img_20161023_103937 img_20161023_104227 img_20161023_104542 img_20161023_104653 img_20161023_105019

Cool bird – think it was a turkey vulture.

img_20161023_105504 img_20161023_105610 img_20161023_105749

Deeper in the park there was still a lot of green but the trail was a soft carpet of fallen leaves.

img_20161023_111230 img_20161023_110811

My fave tree on the trail… 🙂


What a beauty… 🙂


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After a cool and rainy week, we wanted to enjoy the sun and headed out to Mounstberg this morning, hoping to see the last of the fall colours. We’ve visited Mountsberg before and saw the birds of prey (very cool) but never hiked the trails. Today we chose to do the blue Lookout  trail, which was listed as 5.6km. The weather was sun and clouds and the occasional gust of wind but for the most part, it was nice and an above seasonal 15C degrees.

We saw no one else on the trail for the first hour, hour and a half. It was great! There were a lot of birds chirping and we got to see a few. Heard some ducks and geese in the nearby reservoir as well. We saw another snake – he looked more shocked to see us than we were to see him. We came across a couple of people on horseback near the end of our hike as well. Very quiet on the trail today.

Path to the trail:


Bunch of bird house condos in “Swallowville”. 🙂



The reservoir:




Mushrooms were everywhere:



Dark sky in the distance – made for a cool picture:



Into the woods we go….









Yellow leaves still hanging onto their branches before winter:



This shot turned out great – bulrushes:


Feeling small:


Another friend! 🙂




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Loving these faux-fur trim booties from VS:

This cardigan from VS:

Another cardi from VS – gorgeous colour:

Loving the loafer pumps for fall, with skinny or stacked heel.


Still no developments on any fall/winter bags that have caught my eye. I’m actually leaning towards black this year – maybe try something different. 🙂

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Loving this colorblock dress from White House Black Market.


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Every autumn, as the leaves slowly fall from the trees, a whole secret world is revealed: the until-now hidden homes of birds and squirrels. I’d love to know how they choose the best location for their nest. Near friends and family? Near a consistent food source? Far from loud neighbors (those rowdy woodpeckers!)…


The snooty penthouse apartment

The practical duplex (do the in-laws take the upper or the lower nest?)

The condo. Vacancy: Lower branch unit, quiet birds only please

The projects. "Hey honey, where did I put my 'Nests for Dummies' book...?"

The hoarder. Need I say more?

The Commune. Come one, come all - all birds welcome!

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I was Googling for some nice Ontario Fall drives so we could go out and enjoy some of the leaves changing colours and came across this peculiar place about a half hour north of where we live called the Cheltenham Badlands. It was a gorgeous day so we decided to head out and see what badlands looked like in Ontario. Well boy, were we pleasantly surprised and amazed. What a cool place! It was a beautiful day, warm (got up to 18 degrees C, sunny), the leaves were just gorgeous – a perfect fall day! We drove north on Mississauga road, right on Old Baseline Road, pass Creditview and you’re there!

We parked a little ways back and as we approached, this was our first glance at them - how cool is that!?

Doesn't this look like the Dead Scar in World of Warcraft? Right here in our own Ontario backyard!

Walking back to where we parked the car...enjoying the fall leaves.

This is why I love the Fall in Canada... 🙂

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Girls Weekend Day 2

We saw.

We shopped.

We conquered.

Shopping the new fall fashions is my favourite thing to do.

My loot!

The damage included the necessary new fall bag:

Esme Hobo bag - Guess - viewed from the front

Viewed from the side

The loot list is below:

A new bag

2 blazers

3 knit/sweater tops

4 skirts (1 matches a blazer)

4 blouses/tops

4 pants (1 matches a blazer)


I also got some cute fall clothes for my nieces for preschool. 🙂

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