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OOuuuuuu What do we have here…?

This could be the one.

New Guess bag/collection released on their web site.


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So I went on an online shopping spree yesterday. I had some work to do and in between gaps (times where I was waiting for processes to run while sitting in front of my computer), I shopped. Put me in front of a computer with time to spare and it’s a dangerous, dangerous thing. But – I hadn’t gone fall shopping yet (I know – so late!!) so figured now was a good a time as any.

The loot below is en route as we speak! This time I shopped at stores I don’t normally shop at so it’ll be interesting to see the fabric/fit/quality once they arrive. ‘Cause I’m adventurous like that. 🙂

Once you find your right size at a new store, it’s super-easy to shop online going forward. I have yet to return anything I’ve bought online. Tip – use their measurement charts – they’re there for a reason. 🙂

From Banana Republic:

Cute top - under a black cardigan in fall/winter and sleeveless in the warmer months. I love ruffles.

Fall trends: Tie-neck blouse and animal print (2 for 1!!)

From the Gap:

The only thing I’ve ever bought from the Gap previously were jeans… But they have some very cute stuff these days.

I got both the blouse and the sweater. Cozy.

From Old Navy (I love this store for basics/layering but found a couple of cuties this time):

Chiffon blouse will go perfect underneath my raspberry-coloured wrap cardigan from VS..

Who doesn't love a winter sweater? Picture it paired with jeans, a cami and a mug of hot chocolate. Need I say more?

From Talbots:

I needed a pair of good, simple black pants. I got these (but in black). I like that Julianne Moore is the new face for Talbots and I saw her in a magazine ad so I checked out the site.

I also spent my egift card at VS (received for my bday – thanks Christina!!) but I won’t be posting my purchase details on the internet. 🙂

There are some other stores I’m curious about and will eventually buy from. Like White House Black Market – they have some great clothes for work. The reviews from other shoppers are on the site and are positive – that’s always a good sign. Club Monaco is another. I used to be a Reitmans fan back in the day (and they have a new online store now) but I lean more towards their sister stores Cassis and RW-Co lately – but those don’t have online shopping (yet!). And H&M is always good for trends (no online option). So, when I hit the mall I make sure to visit the stores with no online shopping option first. 🙂

You may have noticed that I have yet to buy a fall/winter 2011 bag. I’m still on the hunt…nothing has called out to me yet. what can you do?!

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I bought this sweater from VS (it should arrive tomorrow) because I liked that it followed two fall trends: colorblocking and a poncho-ey shape. And I love the tunic length.

Yay for cozy sweaters for fall.

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Loving these faux-fur trim booties from VS:

This cardigan from VS:

Another cardi from VS – gorgeous colour:

Loving the loafer pumps for fall, with skinny or stacked heel.


Still no developments on any fall/winter bags that have caught my eye. I’m actually leaning towards black this year – maybe try something different. 🙂

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Loving this colorblock dress from White House Black Market.


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On the train ride home today, I listened to two banking guys talking about where to buy suits. For a good 20 minutes, black suit explained to navy pinstripe suit that buying clothes in the states is cheaper than in Canada (even with paying the duty when you cross the border), and even less expensive than in Paris. Black suit proceeded to list all the stores in the area he typically shopped at. He likes Hugo Boss and Brooks Brothers. The last suit he got at Harry Rosen was on sale for $800 and he was very happy with it. Some of the more trendy stores don’t have as good a fit – sleeve length are an issue since he’s 6’3″, for suits and shirts both. European suits tend to have a slimmer fit. He saw a suit in the states for $400, but the same suit in Canada was $1,200. Really? Who knew!

Black suit also admitted to purchasing a ninja outfit online and when it arrived, he dressed up in it then snuck across the yard to his brother’s house to scare his teenage nephew and his friends who were hanging out in the kitchen. “Ohmigod there’s a ninja in our yard!!”

Navy pinstripe suit sounded like a really nice guy. He was stressing over where to buy some new suits and seemed to be considering black suit’s advice.

Interesting glimpse into male fashion talk.


Didn’t know it existed.

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I’m an InStyle magazine subscriber and have been since they first started. As soon as I receive the September brick in my now-dented mailbox (no, not really), I know They Are Out. And by They, I mean the humongous phonebook-sized September issues of fashion magazines, which provide all the details of the upcoming fall fashion trends. I love these issues, not only for the size, articles and regular features, but for the ads as well. Ads for clothes, shoes, perfume, bags, accessories, jeans, everything that will be in style for the coming cool weather season. Really, what’s not to like?!

So, I’ve recently acquired the September 2011 issues of InStyle, Vogue, Marie Claire and Lucky and will be happily going through each one to check out what I’ll likely be shopping for this fall.

Stay tuned for my shopping list.

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