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I went to get my hair cut on Saturday morning – it would be the second time I’d get it done by Sandra. I like going to the salon at the mall because it’s close to my house and I can run errands afterwards if need be. That being said, since we moved to the area, I’ve gone about 6 times and due to the high turnover at this particular salon, I’ve had my hair done by 4 different people. I’ve always been very happy with the results but I found the turnover rate a bit strange. Things started to make sense on Saturday.

I was hoping for a nice relaxing morning at the salon. It started off nicely – hair shampooed by a guy who knew what he was doing. I thought – excellent, this relaxing morning is starting off well. Sandra greeted me and off we go to her chair. And then it starts – apparently she just got cut from full time to 3 days for no reason. Turns out the 25-year-old manning the front desk (let’s call her “Britney”) is on a bit of a power trip and when Sandra mentioned that another employee was being disrespectful, Britney sided against Sandra. Now, Sandra just turned 50 last week and petty arguments isn’t high on her priority list, however, standing up for herself is. Britney, probably too young and inexperienced to handle staff issues of this nature is in over her head.

To add to that situation, all employees were given new promotional tshirts to start wearing this weekend – black tshirts with white text on the front. All but 2 employees are wearing them – Sandra (no one is going to tell her what to wear, let alone a 25-year-old power tripper) and her neighbor working the chair next door (who seemed to be a semi-flaky 25-year-old who secretly had the tshirt in her bag but told the manager she forgot it at home).

Anyway – long story short, my relaxing morning turned into a discussion about how certain young people fail to grasp the consequences of their actions and they do things a certain way because they don’t know any better. There’s a lack of respect among the “new generations” that makes me wonder what the world will be like in 20 years.

So, my guess is I won’t be seeing Sandra for much longer since she seems to be in Britney’s crosshairs. It’s amazing that a 25-year-old hair salon front desk worker can wreak so much havoc. Where are her parents? Would they be proud, I wonder… Was I ever that mindless at that age? Incredible.

Anyway – love my hair even with all the drama. 🙂

Took a walk around the yard this afternoon to see what’s blooming. Our lilac tree is doing well – there are more blooms this year than last, which is great. It smells heavenly.

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I made it through – one whole year buying fresh flowers each month! And I get to cross off another List List item. 🙂

And here’s a little walk down memory lane for the other 11 months:












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One more month to go and this life list item will be complete!

Behold the autumn splendor for the month of November:

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After the sunflowers last month, I wanted something with a lot of different colors. The red roses and dark orange lilies really popped against the various greens in this bouquet.

Two months to go!

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Every month when it’s time to buy the new bouquet, I get nervous about the possibility of not finding something different this month. But once again, these jumped out at me – they were so different than everything else available and really striking.

I only have 4 more months to go to complete this Life List item!

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It’s August – Month 8.  That’s 2/3 of the way there!  I like that this bouquet had flowers and berries and the deep red color was nice.


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My favorite flowers. They haven’t opened up yet but they already smell divine.

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