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I woke up to see that we had a flurry overnight, the light and fluffy snow that hangs precariously on branches and fences. One swift gust of wind would blow everything away. It’s supposed to go up to 3 degrees today and all of it will melt away so I took a pic when I had the chance. 🙂

Oh, and for all of you wondering if the berries are still hanging on. Yes, they are:

If those little berries can get through the winter unscathed, we certainly can too. 🙂

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This one comes from the post a day challenge.

My favourite word, for the longest time, has been:  Flurry

I love the way it sounds. It sounds like furry, and it reminds me of fat, fluffy snowflakes that are soft like little tufts of fur, falling from the sky at twilight just when the old-fashioned street lamps go on (like on St-Denis street in Montreal), and everything is decorated for Christmas, and the snowflakes sparkle because of all the twinkling xmas lights.

A flurry is a delicate, magical, snowglobe-esque snowfall that makes me warm inside, like hot chocolate. Anytime I’m outside in this weather, I’m happily thinking to myself – “Yay! It’s flurrying!” 🙂

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