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Cause I want to get a pair of these.

Suede Fringe Sandals.

They’re like sandals… But with bangs!

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For all of you who, like me, are looking forward to the return of our most-loved shows this fall, I present a quick reference to The Schedule (my faves anyway – you’re on your own for the rest :P):

  • The Big Bang Theory: Premiere Thurs. Sept 23rd 8pm ET (Note: the fact that it’s moving to Thursday, the prime time prime real estate slot, says a lot about the success of this show. Love you Sheldon!)
  • House: Monday Sept. 20th 8pm ET
  • Glee: Tuesday Sept. 21st 8pm ET
  • Fringe: Thursday Sept 23rd, 9pm ET
  • Grey’s Anatomy: Thursday Sept 23rd 9pm ET
  • Survivor Nicaragua: Wednesday Sept 15th 8pm ET
  • Desperate Housewives:¬†Sunday Sept 26th 9pm ET

So, looks like the vast majority are all premiering on the same week. And with TBBT moving to Thursday, followed by Greys? Thursday is still the best slot ever. And look – Survivor got bumped to Wednesdays! Very interesting indeed.

Will Cuddy and House finally hook up?

How will the doctors at Greys cope with the aftermath of the shooter?

Will we ever see the real Agent Dunham return to their universe?

Looking forward to all of them.

And of course, there are some new shows too. A couple that I’ll probably take a look at:

  • Hawaii 5-0
  • $#*! My Dad Says (the new Shatner comedy – c’mon it’s Shatner – gotta watch it)


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