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These crack me up – I love a good laugh. There seems to be more and more of these circulating. People are getting increasingly more creative too!

I gathered a few of my holiday-themed faves – Hope you get a giggle or two out of them like I did. 🙂

Ho ho ho!!! 🙂


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Sh*t Chris Says

My husband and I were out of town attending a team meeting, just an overnight stay at a ski resort a couple of hours north of where we live. When we arrived, I realized that I had forgotten my hairbrush at home. Ack! The shop on-site was closed and would only open at 10am the following morning – which wasn’t practical since our meeting started at 9am. Ever the resourceful one, I borrowed a (clean) fork from the dinner buffet thinking it was better than nothing.

The following morning I used the fork to slowly, but surprisingly effectively, “comb” my hair into some semblance of a hairdo. I came away from the bathroom mirror feeling pretty happy with the results.

Chris looks at me and says: “What the fork happened to your hair?”

This is what I live with people…. 🙂

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Sh*t Chris Says

Chris PVR’ed the movie “Son of God” recently and on our way home from watching “The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies” on New Year’s Eve, we were discussing what to do to stay awake until the countdown. Although not my cup of tea, I suggested watching “Son of God”.

Me: Why don’t we watch Son of God? That would end just before midnight.

Chris: Ya, maybe.

Me: Is there anyone we know in it? (I asked in case a known actor I liked was in it, which would help with the topic – in my case anyway)

Chris: Ummm, Jesus?

*giggles all around*

We watched Seacrest instead. 🙂 He really is the new Dick Clark.

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Sh*t Chris Says

It all started with Chris giggling at something he was reading on his iPad during dinner. He tilted his iPad to show me and it was this:


Me (thinking of the shame of telling people on what planet you live on if humans ever left Earth):  We’ll never colonize Uranus.

Chris: Of course not, it’s a gas giant.



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Sh*t Chris Says

We were having dinner and watching ET, an entertainment show, and they showed the Oscar nominees. After going through that list, they started talking about the list the celebs wouldn’t want to be on and Joan Rivers comes on-screen to talk about the worst dressed list.

So Chris says: Ugh, she’s such a feminazi.

Val: A what?

Chris: A feminazi

Val: What’s that?

Chris: A woman who hates men


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This is laugh-out-loud hilarious… Couldn’t help but re-post it!!

39 Test Answers That Are 100% Wrong But Totally Genius At The Same Time | Distractify.

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Sh*t Chris Says

And here’s another installment of “Sh*t Chris Says”. 🙂  My husband cracks me up. Here’s an example of why.

We bought some Halloween candy (which never lasts til Halloween by the way).


As Chris opened up a mini Twix bar, he sighed and said “Fail.”

Me: What?

Chris: This isn’t a Twix…it’s a Unix (referring to there only being one bar instead of two).


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Got a few good laughs at this one:




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I love this ad… 🙂

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