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Our family loves board games. We grew up playing on birthdays, summer vacation, Christmas, rainy days and many times just because it was fun. Us kids have fond memories of playing The Game of Life and Backgammon for hours on end. I played with my mom almost every weekend for years and we got excited to try new games that came out. I remember playing Yahtzee, Scrabble, Scotland Yard, Payday, Clue, Stratego – you name it. For games that needed more than 2 players, we made up our own rules.

As we all got older, the games changed but the wish to play never did. Over the years, new favorites came up and with new games coming out every year, there are always some new winners in the bunch.

Below are our favorites that we seem to play on a regular basis; some during our monthly “game nights”, others typically during the holidays.


This is a hilarious when you set it up with paper/easel and markers and sit around the living room so everyone can see the drawing. We’ve kind of transformed traditional Pictionary into Win Lose or Draw. We still split into 2 teams (often guys vs gals). The competition is fierce and both the artists and the doodlers have good chances of helping their team win!

Trivial Pursuit

I think we’ve played about 8-10 different versions of this trivia game over the years. It’s always been a favorite. In our family we call the pieces “wedges” that you put in a “pie” but I’ve heard other names being used in other families (like “cheeses” and “slices”). Many laughs have been had over the years and the occasional shock-and-awe gasp that one of our family members knew the answer to a particularly obscure question. Great game!

Apples to Apples

This is a more recent addition to the repertoire. The first time we played, we laughed til we cried. There are 2 decks of cards, one that’s in a stack (Descriptions) and the other gets dealt out to the players (7 to start). One player selects a description card (usually has an adjective) and the other players place one of their cards face down that matches the description card in an accurate or funny way. The player who selected the description card chooses the best one out of the bunch.  It can be downright hysterical.

Cards Against Humanity

This is also pretty new and is similar to Apples to Apples but with a bit more snark/sarcasm. This one has two decks of cards, one in a stack and one that gets dealt out to the players. Each turn, one player picks a card from the stack (black card with a description or fill in the blank) and the other players place one of their cards face down they think best matches the black card. But the key here is going for funny, slightly immoral and hilarious combinations. Not for the easily-offended. Samples below

There are so many more: Charades, Taboo, Guesstures, Telestrations, Scattergories, Cranium, even plain old cards.  We have a whole cabinet full of games to tap into whenever the mood strikes.

The goal is to get together and have fun, enjoy good company, great snacks and have a good time!

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I love the Olympics…and Great Britain did a great job hosting the games. Below are a few of my favourite moments from the 2012 London games:

Rosie winning the gold in trampoline


Brent Hayden’s win


Canadian soccer win

Pastorius (aka Blade Runner)


And we can’t forget the Jamaican phenom, Usain Bolt!

Jamaica sweeps the podium


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Ah, the memories…

So who remembers any of these:

Merlin! There were several games on this one and I remember the sounds and red lights. High tech at its best!

I think everyone had Simon – it’s a classic memory game. Loved it.

This was a kids’ game to help you learn math – I really liked the Little Professor. Doesn’t he look smart?

Speak n Spell – same concept but helped you learn how to spell.

Fabulous Fred – another one with various games including memory and others I can’t even remember. I remember liking the colors, especially that middle pink button and the light turquoise underneath it. 🙂


Ok – I don’t know about the rest of you, but this one always scared the crap out of me. The point was to press down n the middle board, set the timer, and you had to fit in all those yellow pieces before time ran out or else the board would pop up and the pieces you did manage to place flew everywhere. Stress much?

And to make matters worse, they came out with Superfection. Same deal, but now you had to combine 2 pieces into a square, then place the square on the board. Time ran out and BOOM, pieces everywhere.

The part I remember most about this one was the whining noise. My brother Mark and I would play 2-player mode really early in the morning and the rest of the family would get annoyed. The whining noise (weee weee weee weee) still cracks me up. Loved this game.

OMG Intellivision (this is the II  edition)! Classic video game console.

My ultimate fave game was Lock N Chase (kind of like PacMan):

My sister was the queen of Astrosmash. To this day, we swear that her OCD gave her an unfair advantage:

Burger Time – goal: Make burgers. Corny but still fun! Notice the fried egg dude and evil hot dogs out to get the chef!

This was boxing in the 80s. Yes…yes it was.

And this was baseball. LOL You needed lightning reflexes to switch players to catch the ball…

Golf. Check out the white blob (aka the golf ball). Awesome.

Aaaah Good times. 🙂

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