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When did THAT happen?

Thursday morning, I drove to the train station as usual. I parked the car and made my way to the train platform. It was like any other morning: The sun had come up a little while ago and it was promising to be a warm day, one of the first warm days of spring. I was surrounded by fellow commuters, similarly dressed in suits and other office attire, huddling on the platform, waiting for the train.

Then, something unusual happened.

The door that separated the platform from the stairwell leading to the underground tunnel opened and out came a group of teenagers. They stood in a group on the platform and were talking excitedly amongst each other. Loudly. The boys were dressed in ill-fitting suits; the girls in blouses and skirts. You could tell that all of them felt awkward in their clothes but were excited to be going somewhere that required them to dress up like grown ups but with no grown ups in sight.

Everyone else on the platform were sneaking glances in their direction. Their usually peaceful morning was being disrupted! Initially, I found myself doing the same thing – what is usually a quiet, polite silence on the train platform was being disturbed by a flock of young people who clearly lacked any consideration for their fellow travelers. Then I stopped and thought – When did THAT happen?? I remember being one of those teens, without a care in the world, living in the moment, not noticing how loud we were being. And I wondered…at what point does one change from being young and carefree to being prickly and so easily bothered? I’m not quite sure.

As I continued to listen to the excited voices, I smiled to myself.


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