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Sh*t Chris Says

And here’s another installment of “Sh*t Chris Says”. 🙂  My husband cracks me up. Here’s an example of why.

We bought some Halloween candy (which never lasts til Halloween by the way).


As Chris opened up a mini Twix bar, he sighed and said “Fail.”

Me: What?

Chris: This isn’t a Twix…it’s a Unix (referring to there only being one bar instead of two).


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Is it wrong to buy Halloween candy but end up eating it all yourself?

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As you may have noticed, my blog header includes a pic of our family pumpkin carving from a few years ago. We were pretty impressed with how we did using those store-bought templates and tool kits. Here it is again since I’ll be changing my header once Halloween is over.

However, I am awed and amazed at what Ray Villafane can do in 2 hours of sculpting time. It makes ours look downright amateurish! Read the full article here but here’s a preview:




Tongue Twisting




Handful of Evil


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Halloween Party Ideas

I love Halloween. It’s such fun to dress up, be a little nutty and act like children. Once a year can’t hurt. I’ll always remember the Halloween party I hosted one year. We were still living in the 3 1/2 apartment at the time and I went all out to make the living and dining room area as creepy as possible. Here are some of the things I did to make it Halloweeny:

The decor:

  • Bought a large box of black garbage bags, opened them to full size (you can pull them apart), then covered all the walls and ceiling (use tape or tacks) so that the whole place was a black cave of doom.
  • Spider webs: Picked up a few bags of webbing (not the fluffy ones, you need the stringy ones that pull apart really nicely) at a party store. I then strung spider webs all over the black walls and ceiling, around the ceiling lights, everywhere.
  • Plastic spiders: Stuck them here and there in the spider webs. Also had some hanging down on a string of web in strategic places.
  • Covered all the furniture with white sheets so it looked like an old abandoned home.
  • The whole area was lit with candles only.
  • Played creepy Halloween music / noises for background ambiance.
  • Hung a skeleton in the bathroom so people would walk right into it when they opened the door. Stuck a spider on the toilet seat so anyone lifting it would get a scare. 🙂

The table:

  • Covered the entire dining table with newspaper.
  • Rimmed all glasses with a corn syrup and red food coloring mixture, then turned them over so it looked like they were dripping blood. This was a really cool effect. The corn syrup hardens so the drips look really cool.
  • A few days before the party, filled a rubber glove with water and a couple of drops of blue food coloring, tied it shut with an elastic band and put it in the freezer. The day of the party, removed the glove to reveal an ice hand. Filled a large punch bowl with juice and floated the hand in the middle of it. This was pretty cool too.
  • Had a big loaf of crusty bread on the table with a huge knife sticking out of it.

The entertainment:

  • We played a game called Nightmare. This is a really old game and I don’t think they sell it anymore. I found my copy on Ebay. It’s a cool Halloween game.

 We had a  great time. Hope these ideas come in handy for someone else in the Halloween spirit!

Chris and Nick dressed up for Halloween (Chris was some kind of ghoul and Nick was Obama). This is the only pic I found of that event.

Chris and Nick dressed up for Halloween (Chris was some kind of ghoul and Nick was Osama). This is the only pic I found of that event.

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