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We began the day with another light breakfast, then headed over to Hollywood Studios, where I was looking forward to riding the Aerosmith roller coaster since we had missed it the last time. We arrived and headed right over to Fastpass it (we didn’t want to wait 30 minutes in line). This park is all about Hollywood and film and is probably my least favorite of them all but I was looking forward to 3 things: the Aerosmith coaster, the Narnia ride and the Toy Story Mania ride.


We headed over to the Narnia ride which was such a disappointment. We stood and watched a really long trailer for a movie we had already seen. Bummer.

Headed back to Aerosmith coaster and boy, this made up for it. That initial pull as you shoot down the track in your “limo” is awesome. And this one goes upside down, loops, all that fun stuff. In the dark! No big drops but that’s OK. You zoom past glow in the dark signs while you ride. I don’t know about you but signs on a roller coaster ride always make me nervous because I’m really tall (5’11”) and they always seem really close to my head… I know there are people taller than me and these things are heavily tested, but I still duck when I see signs zooming by me. No way do I put my hands up in the air on these things either. That’s how accidents happen. 🙂

After Aerosmith, we headed over to see what time the American Idol show was playing at. We had just missed it by 5 minutes. We figured we’d catch the next one. Went over to Toy Story Mania and the waiting line area must be the coolest thing ever. It’s like you’re shrunk down to toy size and you’re surrounded by all these huge toys.


This was the ceiling (part Scrabble, part Snakes and Ladders, part checkers)


Mr. Potato Head was our guide. He was actually pretty funny too.

The ride itself was a bunch of games where you use your cannon to shoot at targets. They move you along in a car and you have to wear these special glasses and it keeps track of your score. I was in the lead until the last game!!! Then Chris beat me by a mere 2000 points: 145,000 to my 143,000. This was one of our favorites and worth the wait, although seeing all those huge toys in the waiting area was really fun as well.

We headed over to the Star Tours gift shop to check that out. We missed the American Idol show again by a few minutes. We stopped to eat at the 50’s Prime Time cafe and this was a HOOT! The theme is “mama’s kitchen” set in the 50s where the staff refer to everyone as “kids”. We got to wait in the livingroom while they prepared our kitchen table:


Chris watching 50s TV while we wait. It had started to drizzle right before lunch (hence his shirt).

We were seated and told the rules of the house (no whining, no elbows on the table, etc.). It was really cute. The decor was awesome too. Formica tables, 50s TVs everywhere, real kitchen items (old cookie jars, curtains, plants, knick knacks…). It was really fun. I had the char-grilled chicken sandwich and a coke float, Chris had the turkey sandwich and a root beer float. At the end they brought us the “grocery bill”. 🙂 Fun.

After lunch, we realized that we missed yet another American Idol show (not meant to be!), and the stunt show only had 2 times (1:20 and 4:30) and we missed the first one and weren’t going to wait around for the next one. This will go on the list for the next Disney trip.

We checked out the Great Movie Ride just to say we did it – neither of us had ever seen it and there were a couple of good moments there but nothing extraordinary.

We headed back to the lodge to rest for a bit since tonight was the Cirque du Soleil show La Nouba in Downtown Disney. I was super excited for this one. It’s beyond me how we lived in Montreal for 30+ years, the birthplace of Cirque du Soleil, and never saw a show before now. Anyhoo. Our giraffe buddies were out again:


We took the Disney bus to downtown Disney and got off at the Marketplace to do some shopping before dinner. The show was at 9pm. I wanted to check out the huge Disney store and boy, is it huge. You can find everything in the parks’ gift shops here, all in one place. Impressive store. We had dinner at Planet Hollywood (T-Rex was too packed) which made this our Hollywood day (Hollywood Studios + Planet Hollywood) – haha get it? Dinner was good (lasagna + mojito for Chris, NY steak and red wine for me). They played some awesome songs from when we were in high school (i.e. Groove is in the heart by Delite, C+C Music Factory, …). Nice.

Next. La Nouba. Oh my lord – what an awesome show it was. You know all your preconceived notions about what a circus is? Well, throw those out of the window – the only thing that comes close to that is the cotton candy they sell in the lobby. This was art/circus/theater. There’s so much going on at the same time, each character has their own special personality and skill set – it was fantastic. Anyone who hasn’t seen a Cirque show yet, go. A definite must-do. And now I can cross it off my Life List – woohoo!

Tomorrow is Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival with Angie and Scott.

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