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I’ve mentioned the heat in an earlier post. It’s been called a few choice names thus far and several hashtags have been suggested: Hotpocalypse, Thermageddon, OvenTO, SwelterTO, heatwaveTO…

Looking at the long-term forecast… Things will cool down a little bit but the humidity will keep things nice and tropical-rain-foresty (i.e. like the gates of hell have opened over Toronto) for at least another week. And all of those “isolated showers” you see in these charts – ya, they never happen. We had a sad drizzle one morning last week (it didn’t even warrant an umbrella). No big storm, no rain to cut the humidity. Unless it did rain but it was so damn hot it evaporated by the time it hits the ground. Could happen.

In CelsiusIn Farenheit

Using wicked witch of the west voice in Oz: I’m WILTING!!!

Must stay inside.

Or I may die.

No, not really.

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