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So I caved and bought 4 of these babies. Instead of paying almost $85 for a set of 2, Amazon.com had them for $55 (set of 2). So I got 4.

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So I want to buy icewine glasses. Like these from Riedel.

Not sure I want to spend $66 for 2 glasses though… If I can find any in the same style (I prefer the angular look instead of the rounded ones), that would be great. Suggestions on where they would sell these are welcome!

I’ll see if I can find any online…

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Icewine is soooo goooood.

This was our loot for the day:

Some of our fave reds we picked up while we were in NOTL

Icewines and Late Harvests

Our first stop was at Angel’s Gate Winery where we got to enjoy their sweet and sour 2008 Select Late Harvest Riesling paired with a soft baked pretzel. Yum. That’s the 2nd bottle from the left in the pic. While we were there we also tried a light . We prefer our reds a bit bolder but it was still a nice sip.

Second stop was Fielding Estate Winery. We tasted their 2007 Late Harvest Gewürztraminer and 2008 Cabernet-Syrah paired with gourmet late-harvest baked beans. Everything was awesome although again, we prefer our reds with a bit more body. Probably some of the best baked beans I’ve had. The late harvest is the 2nd bottle from the right in the pic.

For our third stop, we stopped by Wayne Gretzky Estates Winery (to wish Wayne a happy 50th!) and had a nice treat: Shiraz icewine (1st bottle form the right) paired with a beaver tail with cinnamon and powdered sugar and drizzled with Shiraz icewine syrup. Yum.

Fourth stop was Flat Rock Cellars where they had the cutest pulled pork sliders you could  imagine (icewine-infused) paired with their 2007 Sweet Revenge Vidal Icewine. We enjoyed it but found the icewine a bit too sweet for our liking so decided to pass this time.

Fifth stop was Creekside Estate Winery. We sat outside and tasted roasted chestnuts with red pepper butter, paired with their 2007 Vidal Icewine. I had never had chestnuts before and didn’t really know what to expect…must be an acquired taste. 🙂  The icewine was great though (middle bottle in pic) and once we got back inside, we got to enjoy a glass of mulled wine to warm up – nice!

Our sixth stop was Colaneri Estate Winery and although the building was under construction, it was still a very nice setting and boy, they really put on a fantastic tasting (3 pairings!). First pairing was their Pinot Grigio “Profondo” paired with a mushroom risotto. Second pairing was an espresso flavoured panna cotta with their Vidal Icewine. Third pairing was a chocolate tart with their Cabernet Franc icewine. All very very good. We purchased the pinot griogio (1st bottle on left in pic).

Since we were ni the area, we also made two stops to pick up some of the wines we really enjoyed:

Maleta Estate Winery: We tasted the Cabernet Merlot as well as the 2003 Meritage (2 bottles of each). We were also very fortunate to taste some of their icewine paired with icewine truffles and they were both fantastic! Maleta is one of our favourite stops  – great wine, friendly staff. We’re so glad to keep seeing great things from this winery.

Lailey Vineyard: We had received their 2008 Meritage in our December wine of the month delivery and enjoyed it so much , we picked up 2 bottles while we were in town. Nice.

Our wine fridge has been replenished.

We finished the day off with a fabulous dinner at Colossus in Oakville. Now I can barely move I’m so full. 🙂

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We’ll be going to this probably on January 22nd – we’ll be buying Discovery Passes. Looking forward to it since it’ll be our first time!


Makes us proud to be Canadian. 🙂

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We finally made our way to Niagara on the Lake to take part in the Days of Wine and Chocolate event. There were 22 wineries participating and the purchase of a touring passport ($30) entitled you to a wine and chocolate pairing at each winery. We actually did pretty good for a day’s work and were able to visit ten! It was a fantastic day.

Although the weather started off somewhat snowy, that actually played in our favour since there was no traffic on our drive down to NOTL from Mississauga. A couple of friends (Kim/Jan) joined us as we made our way to the NOTL chamber of commerce to pick up our passports. And then the fun began!

1st stop: Peller Estates Winery

Wine: 2007 Andrew Peller Signature Series Chardonnay Sur Lie

Chocolate: Milk Chocolate Hazelnut

The pairing was good although none of us were big fans of Chardonnay. They used the coolest decanter I’ve ever seen – it had a hole inside it that fit over top a small bowl filled with ice to keep the wine cool:

We were also given a sample of the Ice Cuvee Classic which was a sparkling “breakfast” wine and that one was excellent – a mix of sparkling wine with a dose of ice wine – we bought a bottle. Can’t wait to have it with my eggs. 🙂

Stop #2: Reif Estate Winery

Wine: 2006 Merlot Reserve

Chocolate: Dark chocolate raisin

This was the tasting room for the wine and chocolate passport holders – the lights were dim and it was very inviting. The pairing was good. We’re merlot fans and this one was very nice. I think merlot goes perfectly with dark chocolate.

Stop #3: Inniskillin Wines

Wine: 2006 Cabernet Franc Icewine

Chocolate: Dark chocolate

This was probably one of my favourites. Although, when the bottle of wine is $99, what would you expect. 🙂 Awesome icewine. They also had it in a smaller format for $54.95 and mini versions as well.

Stop #4: Ravine Vineyards

Wine: 2006 Merlot

Chocolate: Dark chocolate pecan

We stopped for lunch at the deli/bakery (on the right). I love this place – it’s so cozy and everything is homemade. I had the same as last time – the charcuterie platter with prosciutto, cheeses, chutney, pickled vegetables, bread and pepper jelly. Chris and Kim had the BBQ pulled pork and cole slaw sandwiches and Jan had the pear and blue cheese pizza. Everything was great. Then over to the tasting bar we went.

Now, we’ve been planning to come back to pick up some Merlot for weeks. The wine/chocolate tasting was the 2006. We also tasted the 2007 and that was the one we fell in love with on our first visit. So of course, Chris had to buy a case of 12! Crazy husband of mine…but I was secretly dreaming of evenings by the fire with a glass of Ravine 2007 Merlot in hand. Mary Ellen had a very good suggestion for a future pairing – a chocolate / hazelnut torte – and luckily I have the perfect recipe for this! Wonderful idea. I can’t say enough about Ravine – such nice people, great wine, great food, already can’t wait to go back! This is where we also heard about the upcoming “Wine and Herb” program that was coming in May.

** Note: you’ll notice as the day went on, I took less pics… wine overload? 🙂 ***

Stop #5: Maleta Estate Winery

Wine: Grape Brain Rosé Reserve

Chocolate: Milk chocolate orange

This was very good for a rosée – not as sweet as we’re used to. The pairing with the orange flavour was really nice too.  Our friends picked up a bottle.

Stop #6: Cattail Creek Estate Winery

Wine: 2008 Pinot Noir

Chocolate: Dark chocolate blueberry

Those blueberries were probably my favorite of the chocolates we sampled today. We also had a great talk with the gentleman that was assisting us about the upcoming “wine and herb” event. He explained how the wineries were assigned a type of chocolate, and for the wine and herb event, they’re assigned an herb. Then they get to create a dish around that herb and pair it with a wine so there’s much more creativity involved. He mentioned some of the past dishes they had served (my mouth was already watering) and mentioned that this year their herb is lemon basil – I’m really looking forward to it – we’re totally going.

Stop #7: Hillebrand Winery

Wine: 2007 Artist Series Limited Edition Cabernet Merlot

Chocolate: Dark chocolate pistachio

This pairing was very good. We were hesitant to buy anything that would compete with our fave merlot so we held back. 🙂

At this point in the day, we were looking for something different for our next stop and boy, did we find it!

Stop #8: Sunnybrook Farm Estate Winery

Wine: Strawberry Wine

Chocolate: Dark chocolate strawberry

Here, they make wine from berries other fruits. They have one grape wine, but the rest are all non-grape wines: pear, peach, currant, strawberry, etc. The pairing we tried was good. The wine smelled like strawberry jam and you expected it to taste very sweet but surprisingly, it wasn’t. We also tried the spiced apple wine which they served warm and that was Christmas in a glass – warm wine with apple pie spices. Holy moly. The bottle left with me. 🙂

Stop #9: Palatine Hills Estate Winery

Wine: 2008 Gewürztraminer

Chocolate: Dark chocolate ginger

This cold refreshing wine was perfect as we neared the end of our day. It really brought out the ginger in the chocolate. We purchased a bottle. 🙂

Last stop – #10: Konzelmann Estate Winery

Wine: 2006 Special Select Late Harvest Vidal

Chocolate: White chocolate cranberry

This was a fantastic pairing – I really enjoyed the wine (yes, we got a bottle of this too). The gentleman assisting us was great – he was informative and fun.

So that’s the recap! Here are our purchases:

The hardest part is to pace ourselves and decide which one to open first!! We had an awesome time and can’t wait for the “Wine & Herb” event scheduled for weekends in May. You’re all invited. Come hungry.


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