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I made this for dinner – it being close to Easter and all. 🙂

It turned out quite good, the veggies were very flavourful and the honey added a caramelization to both the lamb and the veggies. Tasty!



I almost didn’t get an AFTER shot since we had already started digging in! Forgive the messy plate. 🙂


The recipe is from the Barefoot Contessa “How Easy is That” cookbook and can be found here.

Bon appetit peeps!

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I’ve been too lazy tired to cook this week when I get home from work to cook the dish I’ve been planning since the weekend. I finally got my butt in gear today and made the yummydinner I’ve been pining for:

Moroccan spiced couscous with vegetable stew and lamb chops. The couscous had a bit of cinnamon and curry. The veggies were made up of diced roasted carrots, yellow zucchini, green pepper and small rutabaga. Once roasted, I added these to a broth made up of vegetable stock, diced tomatoes, cumin and thyme.

I did a quick pan fry for the lamb chops, seasoned with rosemary, cooked medium (would have preferred medium rare but what can you do).

Plating was a bed of couscous with the spooned vegetable “stew” on top of it, with 3 small lamb chops on top. Heaven.

Added a glass of red wine and it was awesome.

2 squares of dark chocolate for dessert.


I heart food.

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