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Sigh, to be a kid again. Oh wait – that’s what we did today. Acted like children. And it was a hoot. 🙂

Today was Magic Kingdom day. We had breakfast (Mickey waffles!) and headed over to the park at around 10am. The cool thing was there were hardly any lines – we didn’t need to Fastpass anything – 5 minute wait times or less on each ride. Cool. The park was also decorated for Halloween. 🙂



So our first ride was the Stitch Adventure (the one that replaced the Alien ride). There are quite a few scary moments in the dark where a level three prisoner has escaped and is wandering around us “guards” in the teleportation pod. It was cute.

Next was the Buzz Lightyear ride where you get to shoot at things like you’re in a large video game. Chris kicked my butt but it was fun nonetheless.

We then did 3 “kiddie” rides that I absolutely didn’t want to miss: the Winnie the Pooh ride (really sweet), the Snow White ride (the beginning of this might be scary for kids – the witch is downright creepy), and the Peter Pan flying adventure (very cool – you fly in a mini pirate boat!). I also got Pooh and Tinkerbell loot after the rides. 🙂 Christina and Sue: They had Lumpy, so I got 3 (one for Chloe, Sienna and Maddie). They’re really cute.

We went to the Haunted mansion and got stuck!!! The ride stopped for a good 5 minutes. It was pretty funny actually. Especially since we knew there was a kid on the ride that started yelling in the waiting area (“Let me ooouuuut”) so he must have been freaking out when the ride stopped… *evil laughter* This haunted house is just awesome – my favorite part is the dining / ballroom area (Angie: it reminds me of Karazhan).

Then we headed over to Frontierland, stopped for a quick corndog and water, then hit Big Thunder Mountain Railroad rollercoaster which was really fun. It’s a mild coaster but the scenery is cool.

Next was the Pirates of the Caribbean boat ride, still fun and the gift shop is fun too.

And a surprising ride that Chris and I both really enjoyed was the Jungle boat ride. You ride in a boat and sail through the various rivers of the world and see animals and natives (not real), and our skipper’s jokes were really funny. 🙂

Then we went shopping along Main Street…and back to the lodge where all the animals were out and about!!


Zebras and ostriches eating some grub


Ignore our balcony railing but isn't it awesome how close we are to the animals?! In this pic, there are ostriches, zebras, wildebeasts and our friend a giraffe.


Better view of the wildebeasts.


Cute pic of the three ostriches.

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