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I can’t help but love this commercial from McDonald’s Canada. They sent a guy around the world to ask various locals (who don’t speak English) where the nearest McDonald’s was. It’s awesome.

Yes, it’s for a fast food chain. Yes, when in a foreign country, you’re supposed to try the local cuisine. Yes, it shows how commercial the world has become.

So what?

Seeing the joy and relief when the people in the commercial finally figure out what he’s trying to say is great.

Love it.

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So once in a while on our way back from grocery shopping, we’ll swing by McD’s and pick up some drive-through. It was particularly busy and both drive-through lanes were full.

Our order was: 1 Big Mac meal, fry/coke. 1 McChicken meal, fry/diet coke. 1 extra mango mcmini.

We pay for our stuff, barely register what’s in the bag, then drive home, put the groceries away, then settle down to eat.

So what’s in the bag you ask?

2 fries (OK)

1 Big Mac (OK)

3 Filet o Fish (Omg)

I ate one and it wasn’t bad.

At least I got to bug Chris for the rest of the day for bein’ all fancy and takin’ me out for a highfalootin’ seafood dinner… 🙂

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The Montreal Gazette published an article explaining just what McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets really contain. Read it here.

I love nuggets. I remember when they first came out – I was just a kid, probably about 10. And I absolutely LOVED these babies, and always chose the barbecue sauce. Now that I’m an adult, I’m still a fan (even if we try to limit our intake and usually get the side salad and diet drink to balance it all out lol). My palate has matured so I now opt for the sweet and sour sauce.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to share my husband’s name for their Ciabatta bun sandwiches: McCiabatta. Isn’t it catchy?

To honor McD’s who have been a comfort on “those days” over the years, I’ll use McSpeak for the rest of this post.

Val: I’ll have a McCiabatta.

McD’s: Would you like a drink with that?

Val: McSure. Make it a McCoke.

McD’s: Anything else?

Val: Umm, a McFry.

McD’s: Any dessert?

Val: An apple McPie.

McD’s: Here you go – have a nice day!

Val: McThanks! You’re doing a great McJob. Oh by the way, whatever happened to the Big Xtra (or McXtra as it was called in Montreal)? That was an awesome sandwich and it disappeared into the McVault along with the McDLT (in the big ass McBox) and Arch Deluxe…

Aaaahh McMemories….

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