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Toronto Day 12: Oct 7, 2008

Ha ha haaaaaa

So guess who locked themselves outside of their house yesterday. Yep – that was us!!! Didn’t take long – moved in and 4 days later – POOF – access denied!!! Read on for the gory details. There’s a happy ending. πŸ™‚

We stopped by Best Buy on the way home, got home, ate supper. Tuesday is garbage/recycling day in our neighborhood and we wanted to put our bins/bags out the night before not to miss the pickup the following morning (because who knows what time they pass by). So far so good. So, we went into the garage (where the bags and bins were) and proceeded to bring themto the curb through the garage door. We forgot that the door that links the house and the garage locks behind you when you close it. So there we were, standing in our garage, staring at the locked door, in our “house clothes” (i.e. sweat pants and fleece tops, me in sneakers and Chris in socks), no cell phone, no BB, no keys. LOL Can you imagine!!!!! Chris was pissed and freaked out. I just laughed and told him to calm down and I’d go see our neighbors and ask them if they either have a spare key or if we could borrow their phone to call a locksmith. Chris stayed in the garage in his socks while I went next door. So this was about 7pm at that point.

No answer at neighbor #1 (romanians on the left). Better luck at neighbor #2 (indian family). The mom was home with the sons and she felt so bad for us, ushered me inside and went on the internet to the yellow pages site to get some #s for locksmiths in the area. She told her son to go get Chris, they lent him slippers and so that’s how we spent over an hour chatting with our new neighbors and their cute pet beagle Skippy. Such a nice family. So we called one place, they said they’d page the tech and they would call us. 20 minutes later, they call but they said they were closed. Call #2 was more successful – he said he’d be there in 30-45 minutes and not to leave until he called back. We gave him the neighbor’s phone # and address and waited some more. At this point, the dad came home (he was already aware of the fiasco since his wife called to ask him if he knew a locksmith). The mom had to drive the son to his hockey practice so they left and we spent a half hour chatting with the dad. πŸ™‚ SUCH NICE PEOPLE. It was actually a nice opportunity to get to know our neighbors. So friendly!

So the locksmith finally shows up (about 40 minutes), we thank the neighbor profusely, then show the locksmith our problem. The locksmith was Russian (name was Stas). Imagine a tall guy like 6’3″, 200 lbs, short black hair, pretty buff with a russian accent. And again, so nice!!! We chatted the whole time he was there (he had to drill the lock in the garage and replace that lock and while we were at it, figured we’d rekey the front door so he was there for like 1.5 to 2 hours doing all this). He usually has 2 siberian husky dogs (brother and sister) with him in his truck but his wife was home and he left them there for protection. πŸ™‚ He says no matter what kind of locks you have, the best protection was a dog (a serious dog, not a purse dog – he specified..lol). We know half his life story at this point… hehehe We actually had a blast even though it was a stressful situation.

Anyway, all done at 11:30pm (which is why I didn’t have time to post my blog last night – straight to bed!). The happy ending is that we got to know our neighbors who turned out to be amazing people, we met yet another nice person (Stas the locksmith), our house is more secure. It’s all good. At the end of the whole ordeal, we were in good spirits. πŸ™‚

So that was yesterday.

Today was somewhat uneventful (thankfully!!). Although, we tried to get from Union Station toΒ work using the Path (underground passageways) and took a wrong turn…had to backtrack above ground to make it to the office. It was quite funny…

Work day was good. Got a lot done. Came home with no problems… Made supper. Called Leons about the broken washing machine latch and the tech can only come by Mon-Fri during business hours. So guess who’s working from home on Friday. Yours truly.

I’m now sitting on the couch, watching a House rerun, Facebooking and glad nothing else could possibly happen. πŸ™‚

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Toronto Day 10: Oct 5, 2008

Can’t believe we’ve been here for 10 days already!! Time flew.

Finally got a good night’s sleep last night too.

Today began with some unpacking (I know, broken record…), then Chris made breakfast and we ate while watching TV and read the paper.

Followed by more unpacking / finalizing / decorating…. We picked up our train tickets for the next 3 weeks. It comes out cheaper to get 3 weeks’ worth of 10-ride tickets than getting the monthly pass since we’re starting on the 6th and are in Jamaica the last week… On the way home from the train station, we swung by Taco Bell. πŸ™‚

Once back home, you guessed it – we finished the rest of the unpacking so I’m happy to say WE’RE DONE!!!! Our house is setup, wall art is up, closets and drawers are full, pillows are fluffed and there are no more boxes to unpack (other than stuff we’re leaving in boxes like xmas decor and storage items). Woohoooo!!!!

My feet are sore but it feels really good to be settled in and ready to go!

Impressions of the day:
Gas is still at 109.
Used the oven today to cook pizza. I guess it’s not going to explode anytime soon. πŸ™‚
Still can’t figure out how the tap works in the ensuite shower. Luckily we have the other bathroom upstairs. LOL
Turning right on red is awwwesooooome.
I love our new house. :)))

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Toronto Day 9: Oct 4, 2008

Didn’t sleep very well again… New bed? Probably… The new bed is cool – it’s so high that even MY feet don’t touch the ground when I sit on the edge!!! LOL So comfy.

Today began with unpacking, then breakfast at home (woohoo) and some shopping (Home Depot and Home Outfitters) for odds and ends (rug for family room to hide home theater cables, garbage bin, pillows/sheets, shower curtain/liner/hooks for second bathroom, etc.). Does anyone know where we can buy a fireplace screen? Home Depot doesn’t carry them… We had lunch at Jack Astor’s, then got back home and met our other neighbors (Mariette and Oliver and their two sons. They’re indian. They’re on our right. The other neighbors are Romanian on our left). They were really nice and said if we needed anything to let them know, especially with navigation and getting around/finding things. So sweet.

So we got home and did a lot more unpacking / adjusting. Finished the second bathroom, the office/bookcases/filing cabinet, hung up lots of paintings, Chris finalized the TV/Rogers stuff and programmed the remotes and screwed in our tall cabinet in the living room and put away the DVDs. Called Leons re: the second delivery and the wasker latch issue. We have to call the service dept on Monday to schedule a technician to come by. So I guess having a lot of clothes is a good thing after all since I wont be doing any laundry until this latch gets fixed! Anyhoo.

It was a fairly uneventful day, tidying up, preparing the recycling, more unpacking and finalizing. I’ve had a headache off and on all day today so I’m not 100% but still got a lot done. The attached pic is of the moving truck. Quite intimidating when it’s parked in front of *your* house…lol Talk about arriving into the neighborhood unnoticed… Ha!

Interesting thing: In Mississauga there’s apparently a leaf vacuuming service that’s provided by the city in the fall – there are 3 weeks (spaced out throughout oct-nov) dedicated to leaf pickup and all we have to do is rake them into a neat pile by the curb and the city will pass by and vacuum them up. Coooool! Maybe we had that in Mtl but since we didn’t live on a street with trees, I never saw the process…so who knows.

I cooked supper on the stove – used 2 burners this time and one was even on high – woohoo blue flaaaames!!! No adverse effects so that’s a good thing. Made pasta with meat sauce. Next test will be the oven. I was reading through the user manual (I know…geekorama) and feel good about cooking the turkey next weekend. We’re having our first visitors from Montreal down for Thanksgiving. Yippee!

Impressions of the day:
Gas is at 109
Happy about our painting placement in the house…It’s starting to feel homey and lived in.
The light fixture in the basement is hideous but we’re too lazy to do anything about it. It has crystal things dangling from it, Γ  la hotel lobby. Not cool. Do I look like a crystal-dangling type of girl? I think not. Not even Hildi (TLC) would approve…
We have about 20 or so boxes left to do, mostly non-critical stuff like art supplies and xmas decor.
Can’t believe we’re starting work in 2 days! Then it’ll definitely start feeling normal.

I’m pooped – off to shower and bed!

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Toronto Day 8: Oct 3, 2008

So we slept like shit last night. New house? Maybe… What can you do. I got up at 6am (as usual mind you) and started in the master bedroom (we have more clothes than Winners, I swear to God).

I forgot to mention that we did our first TO Lobalws yesterday to replace all the staples that we left behind in Mtl. That was fun – it was a beautiful store – better than our Saint-Laurent one but it was the same stuff, so that was nice. More indian foods, less whole wheat pastas. And interestingly enough, even though it was late afternoon and really quiet, there were like 8 cashes open (of 18) and no line ups. Refreshing.

Also, during the move yesterday, our neighbor came by and introduced herself – she (Marianna) and her husband (Tibi, short for Tiberio) live on our left. Very nice.

The Rogers tech was scheduled between 8am and 11am. (Phone, internet, cable)
The Leons delivery was scheduled between 9am and 11am. (Furniture delivery)
The Kings guys were scheduled between 2pm and 4pm. (Re-assemble desks and hang chandelier)
We were picking up the cat at 6pm.

Everything worked out well. The Rogers guy arrived at 8am and Chris dealt with him – he was here for about 2.5 hours setting everything up.

I took the Leons guys – they arrived at about 9:3am, done by 10:30am. 2 pieces were damaged in transport so we’re expecting another end table and the mirror later on. No biggie. Also, the locking latch on the washing machine is broken. Wonderful. We’ll be calling them tomorrow about that. Not a very good track record… :-\

The Kings guys arrived at 2:30 and were done by 4pm. Our desks were installed!!! Wohooo!!!

I continued unpacking/nesting throughout the day… and Chris took care of electronics (TVs, home theater, computers/server, etc.).

So we’re almost finished the master bedroom (just a couple more boxes to go in there). The family room is looking good. Kitchen is done, bathrooms are pretty much done, office is done (just need to unpack books, files, etc.). Laundry room is done (except for the washer door lock!!). Dining room is done. Living room is looking good – I started unpacking our paintings and pictures and stuff and put some of those up. Left to do: finishing the master bedroom, finishing the other 2 rooms uptairs, putting up the rest of the paintings/art, office bookcases/files. Buy a rug for the family room, a second shower curtain for the 2nd bathroom, a fireplace screen/grate and a bedskirt. We’re doing pretty good. I’m a nesting machine!!

We picked up the cat at 6pm and boy, was he a happy kitty!!

Highlights of the day:
1. I used the stove!! Ok, it was just Kraft Dinner but cooking something (anything!) over open flames was pretty cool… Maybe I’ll live dangerously and try the BBQ next. They left us their BBQ, hooked up to the gas line… Baby steps.

2. I cleaned the pool! I cleaned out the filter and yes, there was shrieking when some bugs MOVED!! And I vacuumed too! That was hilarious but I did it. There’s got to be a better way to do this – next year I’m getting a pool shark (automatic vacuum system). I gave the pool people a call to schedule the closing and the only date they had was end of October but since we’ll be away (Jamaica mon), we set it for Novemebr 3rd. Can’t believe I cleaned the pool – I had a proud moment. πŸ™‚

3. It was nice to have our bedroom furniture installed with new bedding. It looks nice. I’ll take pics ASAP and post them. The closet is now almost full… I also finished the coat closet. Getting there!

4. Watching Giz roam around the house inspecting every nook and cranny was hilarious…. he would do one floor thoroughly and only then would he proceed to another floor. Funny cat. He’s back to his old self now, watching us from his blanket on the couch, all sleepy.

5. We have a multitude of waste bins. 2 blue bins for recycling. A grey bin for paper products, although they recently upgraded their recycling equipment and paper and plastics can now be mixed. A green bin for organic waste (we’ll probably put food in the trash compactor but we can put bones, paper towels, pizza boxes, all kinds of stuff in the organic bin). We’re only allowed 2 regular garbage bags per week – if you put out more than 2, you have to put a $1 tag on each extra bag (you can buy tags online). Recycling is big. There’s no limit to the amount you put our for recycling.

6. We received our first edition of the Toronto Star newspaper. We used to subscribe to the Gazette so we replaced it with the Star. And BOY, the number of sales flyers that we got today was ridiculous – grocery flyers for like 10 different stores (anyone remember Dominion?), dept store sales, all kinds of stuff…

My feet are really sore today, as I write this, sitting at my desk with – did I mention this before – an AMAZING internet connection?

Feels good to be online and back in touch with the peeps. πŸ™‚

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Toronto Day 7: Oct 2, 2008

This was move day and I’m writing this on Oct 3rd now that we’re back online with an AWESOME internet connection. Friggen amateurs at that hotel (who will remain nameless)…anyhoo – I’ll never stay there again. I posted a bad review on TripAdvisor and stole hotel soaps to boot. Now we’re even. Moving right long… πŸ™‚

Move day began with guess what – yep, the breakfast buffet, followed by checkout, and driving to our new home, where lo and behold, the truck was early. We arrived at 7:45am. It’s quite impressive to turn down your street and see a huge Atlas Van Lines 18-wheeler hogging the road. Hahaaa! I took a pic – I’ll post it later.

So, once we got things signed and organized, the actual unloading of the truck began. They were only 2 guys (same 2 from the 4-man Montreal move team) so that was cool. And it took less time to unload with 2 guys than it did loading in Montreal with 4. Go figure. The process was so organized – I stood there with a “bingo sheet” of all the inventoried item #s (each item was tagged by Kings so each thing had a #. They would unload a few items at a time and I’d tick off the numbers on the bingo sheet. Easy and all accounted for, nothing damaged as of yet. So doing the bingo sheet and instructing the guys where to put everything was my part of the whole day. πŸ™‚ A tough job but someone had to do it. And yes, everytime a column would finish on my bingo sheet, I yelled out bingo and was super excited. 184 items got ticked including boxes, furniture, etc. Phew!

Once the actual move was done, unpacking began. Started in the kitchen (of course!!) so got that room done on the first day, as well as the bathrooms and the guest bedroom since that’s where our existing bedroom set was setup (new set expected to arrive tomorrow) and where we would be sleeping that night. We crashed in the living room, enjoyed a fire and watched a movie (dvd since no cable yet). Pizza for lunch, pizza for supper. I know, I know. There go my weight watchers points…but think how many extra points I spent playing Bingo! Ahem… Moving right along…

Impressions of the day:
Big day but the worst is yet to come with more unpacking and deliveries/technicians tomorrow…
The faster we unpack everything and settle in, the faster it’ll feel like home. I like to nest. πŸ™‚
No idea what the price of gas was.

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Toronto Day 6: Oct 1, 2008

Well, well, well!!!

Today was “pick up the keys at the lawyer’s day”. πŸ™‚ But I’ll start from the beginning…with the crappy hotel internet connection. Ugh painful – thankfully we’ll be out of here soon and our own connection will no doubt be much much better… The only way is up – how much worse can it really get…

Breakfast buffet.
Back to room, did some work, waiting for the call that the keys were ready.
Got the call at 2pm, headed over to the lawyer’s, got keys, jumped up and down most unprofessionally, and drove over to our new home.

We walked in and it still looks great, nice and inviting, more bare with all the previous owner’s stuff gone, but that allowed us to try and envision our stuff instead so it’s all good. We emptied the car (we had some things in the car ready for the first few days i.e. cleaning products, small suitcases with clothes, our recent purchases for the bathroom and bedding…). Then the tour began – we really went through all the nooks and crannies (you know, stuff you can’t do while the owner is hovering over you during a visit..). πŸ™‚

In the fridge, we discovered a bottle of champagne with a card from the previous owner wishing us luck and happiness as well as a PS (“I miss the stove already!”). So nice. She also left us a package of all the owners manuals and invoices, notes for all the keys, garage doors openers, garbage and recycling bins, as well as her busienss card. We already had mail in our mailbox too! Does that make it official? πŸ™‚ We installed the shower liner, curtain and bathmat in the master bathroom. We also installed the cat’s stuff (food, water, litter). We spent about 2 hours over there planning furniture placement, etc.

Back at the hotel, we called the movers to confirm all was OK for tomorrow – Kings will arrive between 8 and 8:30 tomorrow morning. Yipppee!! It’s almost over!!

Impressions of the day:
I turned on the gas stove and nothing exploded. Must be a good sign. Stay tuned for the verdict on the first meal.
Having 1 car in a 2-car garage will be a nice change – lots of extra storage space!
We’re already planning on repainting the two spare bedrooms – no idea when or what color but it must be done.
Omg: We’ll be without an internet connection between checkout tomorrow morning and Friday morning when Rogers comes by (between 8 and 11am).
Gas went up to 114.

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Toronto Day 5: Sept 30, 2008

So today was a quiet day. Had our usual breakfast buffet at the hotel, then headed over to Chapters for coffee at the Starbucks and shopping (picked up Lipstick Jungle by Candace Bushnell and Lean Mean Thirteen by Janet Evanovich).

We called the Hydro, Gas and Water companies to create our accounts, and picked up Chris’ pants at the seamstress’ at the mall (got hems done).

We called the vet to get an update on Gizmo. He’s apparently very shy. He doesn’t come out of his “room” much and is very quiet. He got all his vaccinations and is doing fine. Doesn’t sound like the same cat… We’ll see how he is when we pick him up the night of the 2nd… We’re going to set up all the cat gear before we go get him so that when we come back to the house, we’ll show him where his stuff is… Should be interesting.

The rest of the day was pretty quiet – I got some work done from the hotel.

I’m proud to say that we managed to do all the driving today without the GPS so that’s a good sign. We’re learning!

Rob, our Remax agent in TO, is stopping by the hotel for a last signature in a few minutes.

Other than that, it was a relaxing day.

Impressions of the day:
There are asshole drivers on the road here too. hehehe
There’s a lot of green spaces everywhere. Nice.
Gas is at 110!!! Wow. Someone tell me how much it’s at in Mtl.
I’m thinking being so close to these nice malls and a Chapters on top of it will be very dangerous (on the wallet)…

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