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Wow – was this ever good. I chose creminis and shitakes. The shallots, butter, garlic and parsley were the perfect additions to the mushrooms.

The recipe is from the Barefoot in Paris cookbook and can be found here.

We had them as is, alongside the beets for a vegetarian dinner (served with a cab franc from Ravine). Very tasty indeed. But I can see these mushrooms topping pasta like fettucine or egg noodles, or served with meat like a pork chop or rabbit. So flavourful.

Mushrooms for the win.

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I just read today’s post over at Awesome about inventing new words  with your friends and family that only make sense to you. I’m sure everyone has been there. Sometimes it could be shorthand for a sentence your group says often, or a word that really has another meaning to you and your friends.

Off the top of my head, I’ve thought of a few that have been in use in my circle for a while.

When anyone in the vicinity tells a joke that fails miserably, one of us would say “Crickets”. Meaning the joke failed so bad, not a sound can be heard from your audience except for the crickets. 🙂

We had a whole vocabulary when playing Trivial Pursuit. It started during a drunken episode of game play on New Year’s Eve years ago. When anyone landed on a color, everyone would say or sing the corresponding phrase: Landing on blue would get you a fabulous rendition of “I’m blue, da ba dee da ba dye…”. Landing on green was “gangrene”. Orange was “Orange you glad it’s not purple?”  We still say “Orange you glad” for all kinds of things…

Then there’s “Coo”. Which is short for Cool, usually when texting. As in “Pick you up at 6.”  “Coo.” Why we felt the need to shorten a four-letter one-syllable word is anyone’s guess. I think it started as a typo.

“Fail” is pretty common nowadays. Used when witnessing an act of stupidity, a bad commercial, anything remotely useless. A quick look, eyebrow raise and a “Fail” says it all.

A d-bag is shorthand for a douchebag.

“Pick up your testicles.” This started out with a cluster of mushrooms that were growing on an area of the grass but they had hardened and were smushed on the hillside and they weren’t going anywhere. We would pass by that spot regularly. One day, as we passed it, my brother Mark said “Janet, pick up your testicles.” My father just about had a hemmorage. But all of us kids were dying with the giggles (we all ranged between 9-12 I would say). And the expression stuck. It’s said once in a while just to incite a case of the giggles when we’re all together but it just brings us right back to that summer day.

Good times.

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I was in the mood for mushrooms and something creamy.  So, after doing some searching on the Food Network site, I found Giada’s recipe for Rigatoni with Creamy Mushroom Sauce.

I wanted to use the farfalle I had on hand so I used that inatead of rigatoni. I also didnt’ have vegetable stock so I used all white wine – always a good choice. 🙂 I bought cremini and shitake mushrooms to make up the 1 pound of mushrooms and they really added great flavour.

I love how mushrooms start out so full and plump:

And then shrink down to a fraction of their size. Here they are simmering in the wine (2009 Peller Estates Sauvignon Blanc), shallots and garlic:

They smelled great. Once 2/3 of the liquid had evaporated, I stirred in the mascarpone. Drained the pasta, dumped back into the pot, added the mushroom mixture, added the parm, stirred well, then spooned into two bowls and sprinlked with chives.

Delicious! Paired with a glass of the wine that went into the sauce. It was creamy, the mushrooms added plenty of heartiness… Just what I was craving.


More recipes to come this weekend!

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