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29th Day of Christmas

Dec. 29: Top 10 Lists of 2009

The end of the year, actually the DECADE, always prompts the “best of” the past year. TIME magazine has a fantastic selection of top 10 lists. Check out their huge collection of lists here: TIME magazine’s top 10 of everything.

Or, check out some of my faves from the bunch here:

Top 10 Facebook stories (including Facebook: the site that ate the internet and Farmville, the most popular Facebook game of all time).

Top 10 buzzwords (including Sexting: the act of sending suggestive text messages or photos via mobile device, and Autotune: the software designed to correct a singer’s incorrect pitch).

Top 10 gadgets (including the Dyson air multiplier)

Top 10 TV series (including Glee)

Top 10 Movie performances (including Meryl Streep as Julia Child)

Top 10 Awkward moments (including the balloon boy fiasco and the Kanye and Taylor Swift speech)

Also, Vogue UK posted the top 20 best dressed list of 2009 (including Lady Gaga, Emma Watson and Michelle Obama). Not sure I agree with some of them as I find them rather blah, but I’m no fashion critic… 🙂

The Associated Press’ list of the Top 10 Entertainment stories of 2009 (including Michael Jackson’s death, the Chris Brown/Rihanna assault, the Gosselins, Letterman’s affair, Heath Ledger’s Oscar, Susan Boyle shooting to stardom).

The AP also posted the top 50 things that changed our lives in the past decade.

Yahoo’s posted the Top 10 searches – 2009 in review.

And, last but not least, the Food Network’s top 10 foodgasms which are the top 10 faces the celebrity chefs make when tasting their awesome dishes. 🙂

I read ’em all folks.

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Dec. 28: The year ahead

When the end of the year draws near I look back over the past year. Similarly, it’s also a time to look ahead and make plans for the year to come. In my last post, I highlighted the things and events that made 2009 special. Below are some of the things that will likely make 2010 memorable:

  • We’re hoping to go on a cruise with my half-sister and her husband.
  • We might go to England on vacation.
  • At least one of these “firsts” will happen this winter: go cross-country skiing, go snowshoeing, go dog sledding.
  • Have more friends and family over for visits.
  • See a total lunar eclipse (Dec. 2010).
  • At least one other wine tour, maybe with visiting friends and family.
  • More shopping trips and girls’ weekends.
  • At least one visit back to Montreal for Zach’s baptism and other family events.
  • ………….

Looking forward to another great year!

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Dec. 27: Reminiscing

Now that Christmas has come and gone and the new year is fast approaching, I like to think back over the past year and remember the big events that occurred in the family and in my circle of friends.

This past year brought our family and friends a few big events worth mentioning:

  • My sister-in-law Christina and her husband Adam had a little boy Zach in October. Their little girl Chloe is now 1 year and 9 months. They sold their house and are on the hunt for their dream home, which we hope they find soon…so they can invite us over. 🙂
  • My sister Julie broke her ankle right before the holidays, was hobbling around on crutches and got her “walking boot” this week. She’ll start physio on Jan 28…to start off the new year on the right foot. Haha.
  • My friend Nicki met a new guy (I get to meet him today – looking forward to it!) and he’s not an ass. Looks promising. 🙂

For my husband and I, we had quite a few highlights over the past year which I’ve already mentioned on this blog. Most were items on my “Life List” and they turned out to be very memorable experiences:

  • Wine tour in Niagara on the Lake: This sparked a new interest in wine, which prompted us to join a wine of the month club and we vow to move to NOTL when we retire just because it’s so beautiful there.
  • Went horseback riding: Neither Chris or I had been on a horse since we were little. We had a really great day.
  • Trip to Disney including going to see Cirque du Soleil (La Nouba). Once again, the magic of Disney transported us from our busy work lives into a world of fun, relaxation and discovery. The Food & Wine festival at Epcot with Angie and Scott was awesome. Lots of posts about our trip – just search my blog for “Disney”. Or the post about the highlights can be found here.
  • Lots of visits from friends and family who came to stay with us in TO.
  • Lots of cooking this past year. Cooking my way through Ina Garten’s Back to Basics cookbook. Tried lots of new recipes. Created my first cookbook of favourite recipes and sent it to family and friends…and already planning the next one!
  • Spent our first summer by our very own pool. This was awesome and I can’t wait til next year!
  • We did some things in and around the house: Enjoyed our first spring in the backyard discovering the various plants/trees that were planted (omg we have a lilac tree!!! are those lilies!?! jeez those peonies are HUGE! holy moly, we have daisies!), we’re replacing our front door, we painted several rooms (and have a couple left to do).
  • I lost over 20 lbs to get back down to my wedding weight (21 BMI woohoo) – very exciting. Had lots of fun using the Wii Fit to get there. And very excited about receiving the Wii Fit Plus for xmas this year.
  • Went to see Adam Lambert (I mean, the American Idol tour) in concert.
  • Started this blog – and have enjoyed every minute of it.
  • I know there’s a ton more but I can’t think about them now…

Here’s to celebrating a great 2009, we lived, we laughed, we conquered! 🙂

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