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I love the Olympics…and Great Britain did a great job hosting the games. Below are a few of my favourite moments from the 2012 London games:

Rosie winning the gold in trampoline


Brent Hayden’s win


Canadian soccer win

Pastorius (aka Blade Runner)


And we can’t forget the Jamaican phenom, Usain Bolt!

Jamaica sweeps the podium


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Coaching instructions to the Canadian men’s Olympic team..

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This is awesome.

1500+ Vancouverites took part in the “Dancing in the Streets” Flash mob on the second day of the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. It was the largest Dance mob ever in Vancouver.

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The Winter Olympics are in Vancouver this year.

Vancouver is in Canada.

I’m Canadian.

I’m also excited.



Here’s a handy link to the event schedule on CTV.

My favourite events are hockey (duh Team Canada for the win), figure skating (always so much drama surrounding the ice dancing) and ski jumping (how do they DO that!?!?)


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