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There are some good deals on the VS site these days. Go…see…shop!Β Here are some Happy Summer gifts to me from me (the best kind):

Denim shirt

Ruffle bikini

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Ever since I can remember, I’ve always liked things with buttons, things that simplify ordinary tasks and doing things in the most efficient manner. So living in a time where technological discoveries and inventions have improved by leaps and bounds, I find myself striving to always find ways to do something faster, better and with the least amount of effort.

Here are the ways I have improved my life with technology:

Blackberry: In the palm of my hand, I have a device with which I can communicate with anyone I want, anytime I want. Via phone, text or email. I can surf the net to find out any information I want, from movie times, phone numbers or addresses, directions. I have access to maps, a gps, my calendar, all my contact info, an alarm clock and even a calculator.

Online shopping: Surf the net in the comfort of your own home, find the product you want, have them ship it to you. Many sites (like Amazon) have free shipping so it’s even cheaper than wasting the gas to drive to the store! I’ve bought everything online from Dominos pizza and Swiss Chalet (much faster then ordering over the phone), clothes/shoes, books/dvds, trips, patio furniture, you name it. If I can find it online, I’ll buy it online.

GPS: This is like having your own personal navigator in the car with you. It tells you exactly how to get to where you’re going. Fantastic. People used to by paper maps to figure out how to get somewhere…

Internet: The best school supply ever. πŸ™‚ Information about anything at all, just a few keystrokes away. Having access to the answers to all of my questions is awesome. People who know me also know that I question things. A lot. (why does it do that? why is it like that? how? why? where?) So being able to look up all those answers is fabulous. People used to look in encyclopedias, books and watch the news to learn information. So limiting.

Facebook: How I keep in touch with friends and family, anytime I want.

Online banking: Can you believe people used to stand in line at the bank and wait for people to give over their own money?

Digital: This includes everything from digital cameras/photos, music, movies, TV shows you can record. TV shows you can pause/replay in real time. It’s about time. Remember VCR tapes? And having to rewind movies before bringing them back to the video store? Teehee

Online gaming: Play games with people from all over the world, who are in various time zones. No more looking for people to play with – there are millions online all the time!

Few of my fave sites:
maps.google.ca – where things are
http://www.webmd.com – use the symptom checker to figure out what ails you
http://www.foodnetwork.com – look for recipes, can check user reviews for best results
http://www.amazon.ca – know when books from your favorite authors are coming out
http://www.apple.com/trailers – all the movie trailers

Deep thought of the day:
When filling out application forms and putting who to contact in an emergency, why does no one think of ambulance or police. What the hell’s your mom gonna do!?!

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Yep, snow is finally on the way. We’re supposed to get 5-10cm between 10pm and 3am. I’ll believe it when I see it…this elusive snow people keep talking about. Then the storm is heading to Montreal where it’ll likely double. teehee πŸ˜€ Be warned!!

So we were driving back home from the train station and I casually asked Chris when was the last time he saw a pothole. We looked at each other and said, eerily simultaneously, “in Montreal”. Then we started looking at the road we were driving on to see what looked different – why are there none here in TO and yet tons in Mtl. The roads looked the same to me but Chris was convinced that they looked different. I explained that the difference was just that there were no big gaping craters in them here. πŸ™‚ It was a pretty obvious distinction to me but he’s still not convinced. We’ll see what happens come springtime.


I received part of my xmas online shopping packages today – very cool. Gone were the days when online shopping meant waiting 2 weeks for your order. With today’s demand for convenience and speed, 2-3 days has been the norm for my purchases. Then again, maybe that’s because no one else is shopping due to these weird financial times. Imagine – I might be the sole supporter of the Canadian economy. Little ole me. Well, me and my best friend whose name also starts with V. Yep, my long-time relationship with Visa has prospered over the years and it grows stronger every day. We shop a lot. πŸ™‚ Although at times I feel like it’s a one-way relationship and I do most of the talking, she’s always there when I need her. Never complains about benig at the mall too long. Never says I look fat in them jeans. Always ready to bail me out if I don’t have a 5 dollar bill on me to pay for a Starbucks non-fat grande latte (yes it’s worth every penny). She even gets me presents (with RBC points). Yep, diamonds aren’t a girls best friend – Visa is!!! AND she can get me diamonds TOO, so there!

And yes, I know her number by heart. Ask me for a friend’s cell phone number and I couldn’t tell you for the life of me without checking my cell but ask me for those 16 magical numbers and I have those down pat. Expiry date and 3-digit security code on the back too! Now THAT’s true love. πŸ™‚

Deep thought of the day – Yes, it’s another religious one but I swear on the bible I’m an atheist πŸ™‚

I once prayed to God for a bike, but quickly found out he didn’t work that way…so I stole a bike and prayed for his forgiveness.


P.S. Guess that guy doesn’t have a best friend. V does bikes too.

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