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As is our annual tradition (this year marks the 9th!), we got a new ornament to commemorate the year. We picked this ornament up in Florence during our trip to Italy in the fall which was an amazing highlight. A red lily on a white background is the emblem of the city. 🙂  


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This year’s ornament is a mini lobster trap to commemorate our amazing trip to the Maritimes this past summer.


This is our 8th year doing this tradition and it’s always fun to unwrap all our “tradition” ornaments and giggle or oooh and aaah at the memories they bring back. 🙂

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I just realized that I hadn’t posted our traditional Xmas ornament pic from last year! Here it is – we did a lot of hiking last year and when we found this little guy, figured it was fitting. 🙂


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As we do every year, we purchase an ornament that reflects a key event that we really enjoyed in the past year, whether it’s a trip, activity, experience or interest, and hang it at the top of our tree. we’ve been doing this since 2008 and it’s fun to see all the past years’ ornaments on the tree (we have other traditional ornaments as well…or else the tree would be pretty bare lol). Our past ornaments include:

  • 2009: Mini washing machine (after we moved to Toronto, our washing machine door latch broke and we went without a machine for 40 days. we can laugh now but it was quite the ordeal at the time – worth remembering with a giggle when we see our ornament)
  • 2010: Wine bottle for our numerous winery tours and visits in Niagara on the Lake
  • 2011: A margarita glass with a little worm (named Alonzo) sunbathing in it for our Caribbean cruise
  • 2012: We went to Alaska in May and purchased a little mask ornament made with beaver and reindeer fur.
  • 2013: We went to Paris in the spring and loved every minute of it. We got a Paris-themed ornament made of metal showing landmarks that we visited.

Last February we went to Hawaii and had a great time so we picked up our annual ornament while we were there.

Meet our hula girl, Hana (named for the road to Hana scenic drive). Isn’t she lovely? 🙂


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