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Our cat, Gizmo (“Giz”) is an indoor cat. He loves laying in the sun as it streams in through the windows, and cries when anything takes his favourite spot on the couch until we clear the way (even if we’re the ones taking up his space). Yesterday was a treat for him – we let him hang out with us in the yard. After roaming around the entire yard and investigated all nooks and crannies quite thoroughly, he finally settled down and enjoyed the warm concrete:

When we’re out on the patio, he’ll sit by the patio screen door (inside the house) and keep an eye on us. So he was already accustomed to the noises (birds, neighbour’s dog barking, etc.) of our backyard and wasn’t phased at all.

He even swatted at the occasional butterfly or fly that flew by…

It was a hot day yesterday. One of those days where you move in slow motion and just feel languid. Lazy, peaceful, languid.

The he moved to a sunnier spot and performed his grooming ritual…

Such a diva.

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