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Contrary to popular belief, they are not poisonous to humans, pets or children. I was surprised to read this, always having heard that we couldn’t have the plant in the house because of our house pets. Well, those days are over – this was disproven sometime in the 70s. Apparently, a child died in the early 20th century and they had attributed the cause to eating a poinsettia leaf and the poisonous theory stuck around for years afterwards. After deeper investigation many years later, it was discovered that eating the leaves of the plant may give someone a stomach ache but that’s all. A 50 lb. child would have to eat more than 500 poinsettia leaves to even begin approaching poisonous levels. That’s a lot of leaves. Further, the taste of the leaves is reportedly very unpleasant which would make ingesting 500 of them very unlikely.

But don’t take it from me – there was a study:  “Doctors at  the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Poison Center conducted  a review of 22,793 reported cases of poinsettia exposures, the majority (93%) of  which occurred in children, and found that 92% of those exposed did not develop  any symptoms at all. Ninety-six per cent of those exposed were not even treated  in a health care  facility.”

If we wanted to worry about anything relating to poinsettias, it would be a possible skin rash or skin reaction from coming into contact with the milky white sap. Staying away from that and washing your hands after touching it will prevent that issue.

I also didn’t know how complicated it was to try to keep your poinsettia plant until the following season. Read about that tedious process here.

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They’re aliiiive!

Although things started slowly, they’re finally getting there and starting to bloom.

The middle one with yellow flowers are mini cucumbers. The larger green one to the left is a tomato plant. The four other large ones are mini bell peppers – they just started to flower. The two white pots in th 2nd row are parsleys – they finally kicked in about a week ago. And the front row is all basil (three Thai basils and one cinnamon basil).

The other batch includes tomato plants (the large ones) just about to flower. The two in light green pots are more mini bell peppers.

I transplanted one tomato plant, the peppers and the basil into larger pots this morning, gave them a good watering and now they’re settling down in the sun. 🙂

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Summer has slowly come upon us and it’s about time. We’re still getting the occasionally rainy day but at least we’ve had some 30+ days in the past couple of weeks, coats are long gone and sandals are out.

Here’s the yard as of this morning. Everything is late to bloom compared to last year’s steamy summer. The peonies are just starting to bloom. The lilacs bloomed and died in about a week. The wild roses are coming along. The giant hostas are doing fine and seemed to grow to full size in a week.. The geraniums were slow as well. what can you do.

Even my seedlings took longer this year, although I started them a couple of weeks later than last year too. I transplanted them into larger pots this morning and placed them outside.

This year, I have cherry red tomatoes, cherry yellow tomatoes, mini cucumbers (hence the trellis), mini peppers, thai basil, cinnamon basil and parsley. We’ll see how they do with this wonky weather we’ve been having.

The cucumbers and tomatoes are doing good (brown and white pots), as are the peppers (bigger green pots with leafy plants). The herbs are taking long (see small pots in front and small white pots), so I put them outside to see if more sun would do the trick. Stay tuned.

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