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Watch this video if you have a pool or know someone that does. It’s about the 40 children who have drowned in swimming pools this summer (so far) in Quebec. Tragic.

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We had family visiting from Montreal this weekend. Our weekend was filled with a visit to the zoo, time spent in the pool, game nights, cooking for people (woohoo) and great company!

We went to the zoo on Friday and the weather was steamy. Picture gallery included below of the furry friends we got to see (and some not so furry). Warning: Please pardon the pic of male kangaroo (you’ll know it when you see it) – I couldn’t help it.

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During a discussion with friends this past weekend, it occurred to me that I’ve evolved quite a bit over the past couple of years. If I look at the “me” from a few years ago, I didn’t have the faintest idea about home ownership, was afraid of bugs, killed every plant I touched, stuck to my usual hobbies/activities… Mind you, I was very happy at the time but I had no idea what I was missing. Don’t get me wrong, bugs and I still don’t have a warm and fuzzy relationship. BUT, I no longer run away squealing with arms waving if a bee is in my vicinity. My, how I’ve grown!

I am proud to say report (with confidence) that I am about 80% of the way towards conquering my fear of spiders. I have killed so many spiders in the past year, I can’t even count them. Those who “when me when” will find this absolutely shocking. The remaining 20% are the big mamas – but I will get there. I’ve killed one so far. We don’t get very many where we live. Maybe I just need more innocent victims…

I have also managed to maintain landscaped front and rear yards (oh all right, with the help of a gardener, but still)… 🙂 I have also grown my own herbs and tomato plants which we’ve been eating all summer – and they’re still alive!

I learned “home”-stuff like taking care of a pool (skimmer and all) and building a fire. I tried new activities that I would never have tried before: archery, ziplining, riding a Segway, yacht racing, horseback riding and more! And discovered a new hobby and appreciation for learning about wine.

Here is a look back at some old posts from “back in the day” that give me a chuckle when I read them now. 🙂

Val the gardener: https://valcitygal.wordpress.com/2009/09/24/feb-23-val-the-gardener-strikes-again/

Val the hardware store expert: https://valcitygal.wordpress.com/2009/09/24/nov-29-christmas-preparations/

Val the pool cleaner and gas stove cook: https://valcitygal.wordpress.com/2009/09/24/toronto-day-8-oct-3-2008/

Looking forward to more of the same!

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We ate breakfast, then we had fun in the pool and the girls took turns jumping in. Sienna also practiced for her swimming class – she’s level 2! Then we painted the girls’ toenails and blew bubbles while they dried. Then, back in the pool (to wash off the bubble goo), then the girls helped me pick some fresh tomatoes for lunch (macaroni and a tomato and cucumber salad), then the troops were off to the airport. It was a nice relaxing day, perfect summer weather. Til next time!

Maddie adminiring her freshly-painted toenails

Sienna chillin' by the pool, letting her toenails dry

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In the morning, Julie and I did some shopping (always a fun pastime) and grabbed some lunch at the mall while we waited for Sue’s flight to arrive. We picked up Sue and the girls at the airport in midafternoon, then all the troops enjoyed an afternoon in the pool, followed by supper.

Me, my nieces Sienna and Maddie and my sister Sue

Sienna and a rose from the garden

Sue and the girls

Sue swimming

Maddie checking out the tomatoes

Maddie with Auntie Julie

Sienna and Maddie in their pool coverups. And yes, Maddie is holding my Rubik's cube 🙂

Maddie and Sienna with Uncle Chris. Looks like he likes having a ton of girls in the house. 🙂

Nothing cuter than mini flip-flopped feet

Then we dropped off Julie at the airport. We got everyone settled in the guest room to prepare for tomorrow’s big day at the Toronto Islands. More specifically, Centreville – the amusement park for kids.

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We started off the day with a nice breakfast (eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, toast, peaches and coffee). Then, off to Chapters for some book shopping so we could read and relax by the pool.

I originally wanted to buy book 3 in the Stieg Larsson trilogy but ended up getting a lot more. 🙂

I’ve really been enjoying this series. Great stuff.

I also picked up some of my fave paperbacks for some light reading.

Next stop: The cookbook section. I finally caved and purchased the 2 Barefoot Contessa that was missing in my collection.

After our shopping trip, we came back home and spent most of the day out by the pool in the sun. There wasn’t any humidity today (a nice change!) and there were some clouds so it turned out to be a really gorgeous day.

Lunch was sliders and salad (including some yellow homegrown cherry tomatoes!)

Tonight, we’ll be having fajitas for supper (that’ll be twice this week! lol), then off to see the movie Salt. Stay tuned for the review.

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Summer has arrived!

The weather finally let up today and I was able to spend most of the morning in the yard, cleaning the pool and getting things ready for summer. Everything bloomed early this year… My peony bushes are in full bloom, hostas are fully grown, wild roses (dark red, white, pink) have already bloomed. It’s no wonder after the mild winter we had (no snow!?). We’ve already had more 30+ days and heat warnings this season than we had for the entire summer last year. It looks like we’ll be having a hot summer – here’s hoping.

Now that's more like it... 🙂

I also wanted to “bring the outside in” and snipped some peonies to brighten up the den. Pretty. They smell awesome too.

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