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Oh my lord, was this ever good. The lemon sauce is flavourful yet light, the arugula gives it some zing, the tomatoes add that perfect summer freshness we all want at this time of year.  And all in about a half hour start to finish. This one will likely become a new staple in our house. We enjoyed this for lunch along with a nice 2009 Rosewood Pinot Noir. I also used different coloured tomatoes to give it some additional colour.

This recipe is from the Barefoot Contessa at Home cookbook. The recipe can be found on the Food Network site here.

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I never thought the day would come, but here it is. This item on my Life List has been ongoing for over a year and today, I cooked the last recipe. Granted, there were recipes that I didn’t complete (those where I couldn’t find the ingredients or those that included a main ingredient that my husband or I didn’t like). That being said, I still feel that I completed the challenge.

Throughout the whole process, I expanded my cooking repertoire, further developed my skills in the kitchen, made meals I never would have made otherwise, discovered new foods and ingredients as well as gained a new appreciation for others (fennel, butter!!).

Although we enjoyed the vast majority most of the recipes, there were a few highlights that are new favourites and others that have become new standards at our house, including:

  • Cream of fresh tomato soup
  • Roasted tomato caprese salad
  • Mâche with warm brie & apples
  • Easy sole meuniere
  • Mustard-roasted fish
  • Pasta with pecorino & pepper
  • Confetti corn
  • Parmesan-roasted broccoli
  • Pan-roasted root vegetables
  • Garlic ciabatta bread
  • Fresh lemon mousse
  • Affogato sundaes
  • Homemade muesli with red berries

There were some pleasant surprises:

  • White pizzas with arugula (holy moly – these were good)
  • Baked shrimp scampi (delicious)
  • Indonesian grilled swordfish (the flavours are just fantastic)
  • Prosciutto roasted bass with autumn vegetables (again, amazing flavours)
  • Spring green risotto (warm and comforting)
  • Chive risotto cakes (very flavourful and filling)
  • Plum crunch (fabulous dessert, can substitute the fruit with anything in season)

So where do I go from here? What’s next?

Since I’ve been a huge fan of Ina’s for the longest time, I think I’ll continue to cook my way through her other cookbooks, albeit in a less formal way. I enjoyed the experience of cooking new things week after week (and so did my husband!). It’s been quite an adventure and I’m not ready to stop just yet. 🙂

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