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I can’t remember what year it happened for me growing up, but there was suspicion leading up to the full-blown realization and many whispers with my siblings about what they thought and whether they believed or not. But sure enough, Santa came that Christmas, sure as the sun rises and sets.

We never felt betrayed about our parents lying to us about Santa. I don’t even remember being disappointed – I think we suspected it for a while before we were old enough (and willing enough) to acknowledge the truth.

My eldest niece is at that point now – she’s started to ask her mum about Santa but then quickly said not to tell her because she wasn’t ready to know. 🙂 It’s sweet. I think it’ll be her last year.

Santa Came!!! (My nieces Christmas morning 2014)

Author Martha Brockenbrough published a letter in the New York Times that made it easier for all parents out there. Her daughter had figured out the truth about Santa and Martha handled it beautifully:


Happy to be on Santa’s team. 🙂

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Whenever I hear about the North Pole or the Arctic Circle in everyday life (and not related to Christmas), in the back of my mind, I picture Santa’s village with elves, toys and reindeer. Is it just me?

“Today at the north pole, the ice has shifted 0.9586 inches due to global warming.” In the back of my mind, I think – Wow, I wonder if the elves can feel the ice moving…


Speaking of the North Pole… There’s an awesome website that has a ton of Christmas-related fun and activities for families (parents and children) and teachers to enjoy. There’s a “parent/adult login” and a “child login” so the parent can create a more personalized experience for their child.

Kids can send a letter to Santa, print a “good deeds” calendar, read stories, play games, chat with elves…lots of fun.

Parents can get recipes from Mrs. Claus, and participate in everything else too.

There are crafts, stories, you name it. Very cool.

If a child attempts to go to the Parent site, they’re warned that it’s for parents-only and that proceeding any further will put them on the naughty list. 🙂

Check it out!

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There are so many characters that are involved in the holidays and they’re all awesome:

Frosty the Snowman: A snowman that magically comes to life and can sing and dance. Awesome.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: Poor little reindeer that everyone made fun of because of his weird non-conformist red nose, saves the day on a foggy Christmas night. Awesome.

Santa Claus: Jolly old man who keeps track if all the children in the world have been naughty or nice and rewards the good kids with gifts at Christmas. He’s the only man who can yell “Ho Ho Ho!” and people think it’s acceptable. Awesome.

Mrs. Claus: She lives at the North Pole and takes care of Santa Claus, bakes cookies, keeps the home fires burning and her husband works one day a year. Awesome.

Santa’s elves: Hard-working elves that live in the North Pole with Santa and who toil all year long building toys for the nice kids. Awesome.

Santa’s Reindeer: They can fly. And they wear sleigh bells. Awesome.

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Dear Santa,

Is it considered “naughty” to leave innocent hints for my hubby about what I want for Christmas?

Like… In the latest Future Shop flyer, I casually circled the red Kitchenaid Artisan Stand Mixer and left a helpful note “For Val” written next to it and hoped that my husband would find it?

Like… Casually leaving the recent Home Outfitters flyer on the couch, casually opened to the page with the mixer, with the words “On sale!” casually inscribed in the margin? I mean, it was all very casual…

Like… After baking his favourite chocolate chop cookies, I looked into his eyes and (again, very casually) said “I’d bet these cookies would taste better if I had a  Kitchenaid Artisan Stand Mixer. In red. Yes, a red one would bring out the flavours. Definitely. Red. Mixer. Where did I leave that Home Outfitters flyer – honey, have you seen it anywhere?”

Naughty, you say?


Must think of plan B.

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Dear Santa,

Is it too late to start being good?

Love, Me.

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I take the train downtown to work every day.

Yesterday, there was a guy sitting next to me, reading a newspaper.

I felt like Santa Claus.

He was leaning so far over the armrest into my personal space that if he came any closer, he would be sitting in my lap telling me what he wanted for Christmas.


They’re everywhere.

Be warned.


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