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The electrical storm that passed over Toronto Wednesday night offered some great photo opportunities. A fabulous collection has been posted over on Blog TO.

My favorite:

Photo by Richard Gottardo

Here are a couple of videos that show the intensity and frequency of the lightning that night.

It was incredible… There were tornado warnings all over the GTA but no reported touchdowns.

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The Storm Watch warnings are everywhere.

A BIG storm is coming.

Southern Ontario will be hit.

Toronto is guaranteed to get 15cm of snow – the question is, how much more? Some areas could see up to 30cm.

Toronto hasn’t seen more than 20 cm of snow at once in nearly three years.

Last significant snowfall in Toronto was February 6, 2008

And even that wasn’t very much…

We could get lucky and hope for the lake effect to protect us in Mississauga. We’ll see!!

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