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Watch this video if you have a pool or know someone that does. It’s about the 40 children who have drowned in swimming pools this summer (so far) in Quebec. Tragic.

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In the morning, Julie and I did some shopping (always a fun pastime) and grabbed some lunch at the mall while we waited for Sue’s flight to arrive. We picked up Sue and the girls at the airport in midafternoon, then all the troops enjoyed an afternoon in the pool, followed by supper.

Me, my nieces Sienna and Maddie and my sister Sue

Sienna and a rose from the garden

Sue and the girls

Sue swimming

Maddie checking out the tomatoes

Maddie with Auntie Julie

Sienna and Maddie in their pool coverups. And yes, Maddie is holding my Rubik's cube 🙂

Maddie and Sienna with Uncle Chris. Looks like he likes having a ton of girls in the house. 🙂

Nothing cuter than mini flip-flopped feet

Then we dropped off Julie at the airport. We got everyone settled in the guest room to prepare for tomorrow’s big day at the Toronto Islands. More specifically, Centreville – the amusement park for kids.

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