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This is a great list of things to keep an eye on this year:

Get ready for the New Year – 100 Things to Watch in 2014 | JWT Blog.

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I couldn’t help but share a text exchange I had with my sister today. Anyone in IT can probably relate – if anyone in your family has a computer-related question, you’ll undoubtedly get the call. I’m in IT and celebrated my 17 year anniversary at the firm I work at last week (woohoo). I’m considered the “techie” in the family even though my specialization is Enterprise Applications and I haven’t actually “fixed a computer” in the traditional sense in over 7 years. My sister is a flight attendant for Air Canada and has been for about 15 years now.

Sue: I have a tech question. I want to print our travel vouchers at a public PC but it won’t let me download the file. Any way of bypassing?

Sue: Security settings or something?

Me: No idea Sue. Just because I work in IT doesn’t mean I know how every computer in the world is configured… You muggle…hehehe

Sue: Well how would you normally? It’s a work pc so nothing fancy

Me: That’s like me asking you what color cushions the pilots hide under their seats on Air Mongolia. Actually, never mind… 🙂 But seriously – it depends what type of file it is and whether the software needed to open the file is installed. They may also block downloads on the computer to protect it from viruses.

Sue: Ok I’ll wait.

Me: So? What color are their cushions?

Sue: Polka dot

Me: Hahaha I knew it!!!

Sue: Just tried another pc and looks like it’s working woot

Me: Oh good! Could have just been that one having an issue

Sue: Try try again

Me: I’m so blogging about this discussion. Funny 🙂


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You’ve got to be kidding me.

“Like a fast growing number of people, you may no longer own a landline at home, but still you miss the comfort of holding a traditional handset when chatting on your cellphone. Native Union may have created a solution for you with its popular POP phone handset. By plugging into the audio port of your smartphone, tablet or PC, you can hold the handset receiver like an old-school telephone.”

But who would want to??

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Wow – check this out.  It’s the first bit in the video below.


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The statement from Jobs’ family reads:

“Steve died peacefully today surrounded by  his family.

In his public life, Steve was known as a  visionary; in his private life, he cherished his family. We are thankful to the  many people who have shared their wishes and prayers during the last year of  Steve’s illness; a website will be provided for those who wish to offer tributes  and memories.

We are grateful for the support and kindness  of those who share our feelings for Steve. We know many of you will mourn with  us, and we ask that you respect our privacy during our time of grief.”

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Yes, you heard right.

The Commodore 64 is back.

When something from your youth comes back in style and now it’s all retro-cute, it means one thing: We’re getting old. But at least we can say we knew what “cool” was back in the day.

Ya. We were cool before the world caught up 20 years later.

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