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I can’t believe it’s that TIME again (pardon the pun). One of my favourite annual lists recapping the best and worst of 2014 is here. Here are my two cents in some of the categories:

Arts & Entertainment

Top 10 Movies: I honestly hadn’t heard of most of these films. I’ve seen Lucy and although I liked it, I don’t think it would have made my top ten. I want to see Boyhood as well. But that’s about it.

I also hadn’t seen any of the worst 10 movies, most of the best movie performances, most of the Top TV shows and episodes (totally agree on Outlander’s “The Wedding” and the Game of Thrones episode of Joffrey’s death).

Top 10 Songs: Again, hadn’t heard of most. surprised to see Chandelier by Sia on the list (top 10? really?) and happy to see Taylor Swift (Blank Space, although I liked Shake it Off better).

Top 10 Worst songs: Surprised at some on here. Rude by Magic? All About That Bass? Black Widow by Iggy Azalea?  Weird.

Top 10 Albums: Only one I’ve heard of is Taylor’s 1989. and agree.

Science & Tech

Top 10 Gadgets: Not many surprises here: iPad air 2, iPhone 6 Plus, GoPro. We’ve been waiting for Oculus Rift for a while now – it’s on the list again this year. Jawbone – the device that tracks everything about you (calories burned, minutes of REM sleep) – could be cool. Apple Watch – something to look out for; this type of device will likely be the next big thing.

Top 10 Apps:  I love “2048” – the simple logical game with 70s style color scheme and easy yet addictive goal.

Top 10 Things that broke the Internet:  I laughed at a lot of these…  Like Kim Kardashian’s butt. The “sexy felon” photo. Renee Zellweger’s makeover. Taylor’s album release. The iPhone 6 release. The Ice Bucket challenge. Solange and Jay-Z’s fight in the elevator. And of course the leak of the celebrity nudie pics. LOLs all around.

Pop Culture

Top 10 Viral Videos: IKEA’s Apple parody – “it’s a bookbook”. 🙂 Love it. Emma Stone and Jimmy Fallon’s amazing amazing lip sync battle – so good!  “All by Myself” video by lonely dude at the airport.

Top 10 Moments for Women: Some good stuff here this year: Emma Watson’s speech about feminism, female-lead movie Frozen highest-grossing animated film ever showing that people will go see movies with female leads, Malala wins the Nobel Prize.

Top 10 Selfies: My faves are the queen’s photobombing and Ellen’s Oscar night celeb-packed selfie. Great shots.

Ellen Oscar Selfie



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This is one of my favourite annual lists. I love looking through all the categories from Arts & Entertainment (movies, songs, videos, TV episodes, books, etc.), to science and technology (apps, gadgets, etc.). My two cents below:

Arts & Entertainment

Top 10 Movies: Most I haven’t heard of but agree with The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. It also made me want to see Gravity, Also planning on seeing American Hustle during the holiday break.

Worst 10 Movies: I haven’t heard of most of these either but feel that there were worse movies out there than the Hangover 3 and Oz the Great and Powerful…

Top 10 Albums: I feel out of it. I only recognize a couple of these artists. Maybe I’m just getting old.

Top 10 Songs: Miley’s on this list. Ahem.  Like Daft Punk’s Get Lucky. And Cups by Anna Kendrick is very catchy. Feel like there were better songs out there though.

Top 10 Music Videos: That damn fox song is in here…omg. And so is Miley…it’s probably just me but I’m tired of seeing her antics.  I hadn’t seen White Noise but really liked that one. Also liked the Dylan Like a Rolling Stone video – so funny.

Top 10 TV Shows: Game of Thrones is epic. Should be #1. 🙂

Top 10 TV Episodes: GOT The Rains of Castamere – Ya, that one was a doozy.

Top 10 Best Dressed: LOVE that Jennifer Lawrence topped this list. Also agree with Kate Hudson, Kate Middleton and Rihanna – they always look great.

Top 10 Worst Dressed: No surprises here: Miley, Kim Kardashian, Anne Hathaway’s unfortunate Oscar dress choice. Thought Bieber in a gas mask was pretty funny.

Top 10 Best Movie Performances: I’d never heard of August: Osage County but totally want to see this after reading the recap.  Same for Tom Hanks’ 2 films. Happy to see Amy Adams and Robert Redford on here too.

Pop Culture and Social Media

Top 10 Feuds: It’s all way too exhausting and so so petty. Perez Hilton vs Gaga, Rihanna vs Chris Brown, Republicans vs Democrats. So many bigger fish to fry people…

Top 10 Apologies: Wow – Rob Ford (Toronto’s mayor) made the list. So did Oprah, Obama, Paula Deen and Alec Baldwin.

Top 10 Scandals: Rob ford made this one too… As did Lance Armstrong, Beyoncé, Bieber, Paula Deen and the sexting Anthony Weiner. *snicker*

Top 10 Comebacks: Love this list which includes Gaga, Ron Burgundy, Best Buy, Netflix and – of course – Miley.

Top 10 Underreported Stories: They discovered over 800 exoplanets (planets outside of our solar system) and at least 100 of them appear to be “not too hot, not too cold, but just the right conditions to be habitable”. How did I not hear about this?!

Top 10 Memes:  Love the “I Quit” dance video. hehehe I also didn’t know that Beyoncé could look so bad. Twerking – so over.

Top 10 Viral Videos:  Loved the Georgia Tech convocation speech (“If you want to build the Ironman suit, you’re at Georgia Tech – you can DO that!”) 🙂   The goats screaming with Taylor Swift is still hilarious. The meteorite over Russia was awesome. Space Oddity by astronaut Hadfield – the coolest astronaut ever. 🙂

Top 10 Opinions: Admire #1 Angelina Jolie’s elective double mastectomy surgery to reduce her risk of breast cancer.

Biz, Tech and Sports

Top 10 Sports Moments: The Bruins’ 3-goal comeback in Game 7 against the Leafs to advance to the finals. Murray wining Wimbledon. The Super Bowl blackout.

Top 10 Video Games:  Glad to see Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag at #2. Not surprised to see Grant Theft Auto V at #1.

Top 10 Gadgets: Nest Protect – from the makers of the Nest thermostat, it’s a smoke and carbon monoxide detector that alerts you in a more reasonable way than a high-pitched beep as in “There’s carbon monoxide in the den”. That’s pretty cool. Amazon Kindle Fire FDX. Xbox One. That Pebble Smartwatch looks pretty awesome – lots of potential there. Oculus Rift Development Kit – very cool concept. Google Chromecast – I want one.

Top 10 Coolest Cars: Just the name of the 2014 Rolls Royce Wraith makes me want one. The 2014 Infiniti Q-50 looks pretty slick too.

Top 10 Business Blunders: This category always makes me giggle. The top ten includes Lululemon’s see-through pants, Carnival’s “poop cruise” and Home Depot’s racist tweet about drummers and gorillas.

Top 10 Commercials: Van Damme’s Volvo split. Kmart’s Ship my pants – I couldn’t stop laughing at that one.  The “Bear and the Hare” was amazing – it gave me the sniffles. Budweiser’s commercial was awesome too. 🙂

Health and Society

Top 10 Diet and Fitness stories: Goodbye to Trans fats – a definite step in the right direction. Expiration date confusion – this is so true – those dates are the manufacturer’s indication of when think their product is at their best, not when they go bad.

Top 10 Things We Learned About Parenting: Helicopter parenting is selfish (duh). Oversharenting: Parents who post too much online about their kids. Men and women pitch in equally at home, but men spend more time with household chores while women spend more time caring for children.

Politics and News

Top 10 World News Stories: The Supertyphoon in the Philippines, the factory disaster in Bangladesh that had the big retailers scrambling, the new progressive Pope Francis, Syria and the war that didn’t happen.

Top 10 US News Stories:  This list includes he Moore Oklahoma tornado, the Obamacare rollout, the Boston marathon bombing, the Supreme Court’s gay marriage decision, the Federal Government shut down, Detroit filing for bankruptcy… rough year.

TIME has also posted the year in pictures here: http://lightbox.time.com/2013/12/03/2013-the-year-in-365-pictures/#1

They picked the top 10 photos of 2013 here: http://lightbox.time.com/2013/12/02/time-picks-the-top-10-photos-of-2013/#1 The one of the factory disaster in Bangladesh is haunting.

Their choices of the most surprising photos of 2013 are here: http://lightbox.time.com/2013/12/09/most-surprising-photos-of-2013/#1


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I love TIME’s end-of-year top 10 lists – they cover all the bases and provide great summaries in areas such as Art/Entertainment, Pop Culture, Health, Social Media, and more!


See my comments below but I encourage you to head over and check it out – lots of good stuff on there.

I can’t say I agree with their list of Worst Movies – there were worse out there than John Carter or The Odd Life of Timothy Green…

I like the list of Top 10 Apologies which includes Apple CEO Tim Cook for the Maps app and Romney’s 47% fiasco.

Top 10 Comebacks include Boy bands at #10 and Obama at #1.

The Top 10 Best Tweets include Obama’s Tweet Slam (his response to Clint Eastwood) and at #1 the Most Popular Tweet of all Time (“4 more years” and a pic of the first couple hugging).

I chuckled several times when reading the Top 10 Ridiculously Obvious Study Findings. My fave is #2 Why Older People Struggle to Read Fine Print—New Study. 🙂

In the Science section, the Mars Rover takes the #1 spot for Top Space Moment.

When it comes to the Tech section, there are 3 lists: Top 10 Gadgets, Top 10 Video Games and Top 10 Apps.

Top Olympics Moments include the “Shuttlecock Scandal” (that was hilarious), Bladerunner, Bolt and Phelps.

Top Business Blunders include the Facebook IPO.

Top Business Deals include Facebook’s purchase of Instagram for 1 billion dollars.

I think my favorite item in the whole TIME list is the #2 Best Commercial for the Samsung Galaxy 3 that laughs at Apple customers standing in line, some who are even holding spots in line for other, uncool, people. It’s so funny, I had to post it here:

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“Like a running shoe, clothing label and soda pop brand, a country’s reputation helps define it against other nations in the world. A strong country brand helps build a clear narrative for the benefit of visitors. According to FutureBrand, some nations are better at maintaining their image than others. With the help of 35,000 business and leisure travellers, 14 research markets, and 102 experts in 16 countries, the 2011 Country Brand Index ranked 113 nations in categories like value systems, quality of life, investment opportunities, heritage and culture and tourism.”

Guess which one made it to number one!

Cool! 🙂

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Who doesn’t like Top 10 lists? I love them. And so does Time Magazine. Every year, Time publishes the Top Ten lists of the year for every category or topic you can think of.

Top 10 Everything of 2011: In 54 wide-ranging lists, TIME surveys the highs and lows, the  good and the bad, of the past 12 months.

Some of the ones I enjoyed the most include:

  • Top Ten Apologies (#1 Anthony Weiner / Weinergate, #10 Pope Benedict)
  • Top Ten Business Blunders (#1 Netflix, #4 Sony for the month-long post-hack outage of their Playstation network, #8 HP for pulling their tablet)
  • Top Ten Comebacks (#1 Gabby Giffords, #2 NKOTBSB, #10 Jessica Simpson)
  • Top Ten Fiction Books (#1 A Dance with Dragons, George R.R.Martin)
  • Top Ten Gadgets (#1 Apple iPad 2)
  • Top Ten Medical Breakthrough (#1 Use cloning to create stem cells, #2 first-ever Malaria vaccine, #4 the new food pyramid is a plate)
  • Top Ten Memes (#1 We are the 99 Percent/Occupy, #2 Planking, #3 Princess Beatrice’s Fascinator, #4 Winning by Charlie Sheen)
  • Top Ten Best Tweets (#1 Bin Laden’s death: “So I’m told by a reputable person they have killed Osama Bin Laden. Hot damn.”~Keith Urban, #4 Bill Gates’ tweet re: Steve Jobs “For those of us lucky enough to get to work with Steve, it’s been an insanely great honor. I will miss Steve immensely.”, #8 the pope’s first tweet)
  • Top Ten Worst Tweets (#1 Anthony Weiner’s “weiner”, #3 Gilbert Goddfried on Japan: “Japan is really advanced. They don’t go to the beach. The beach comes to them.”)
  • Top Ten Smart-Phone Apps (#1 IntoNow, #2 Feedly, #4 Facebook Messenger)

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